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Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Magazines and Publications

Here is a list of interesting reads on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data

The world is undergoing massive digital transformation. From Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning to Data Sciences and analytics, there is no industry these technologies have not revolutionized. Whether you are a tech geek or beginner who is looking for a future career in the technical field, she must have surplus knowledge about how these technologies are impacting and shaping our daily lives and how they shall transform the future. There is a whole bunch of information and intriguing research and innovation happening around us every day. So one must keep up with these influential disruptive technologies irrespective of the industry she is in.

Below is a list of magazine and websites one can follow to stay updated in trending topics in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences:

1. Analytics Insight: Analytics Insight is the world’s First Print, and Digital Publication focused on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, and related technologies. It features analysis on artificial intelligence, big data, business analytics, business intelligence, data management, IoT, cloud computing, and more. It also publishes research reports, white papers, and insights focusing on trends, market sizing, investments, funding, mergers and acquisition dedicated to disruptive technologies.

2. O’Reilly AI: O’Reilly’s network of experts and innovators share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topic areas related to technology. Established by Tim O’Reilly, it has a great blog, weekly newsletter, and podcast that combine to offer valuable discussions around many topics of interest related to big data and data science. Its’ perfect blend of analytics and artificial intelligence content in the mix makes it an excellent read.

3. MIT Technology Review: This magazine was founded in 1899 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its’ articles cater to the interest of a global audience comprising of leaders, students, innovators, and early adopters, entrepreneurs, and investors. Most of the time it is the first to report on a broad range of new technologies, informing its audiences about how significant breakthroughs will impact their careers and their lives, and unequaled access to leading innovators and researchers.

4. Data Science Central: Data Science Central is an educational resource for Big Data practitioners providing learning materials and IT, AI, Deep Learning, and Data Science trends. It also has audio content in the form of podcast series on problems related to AI, data science, machine learning, deep learning, big data, predictive and business analytics.

5. Analytics Magazine: INFORMS publishes the analytics Magazine. This platform showcases articles and research reports based on analytics in top artificial intelligence and Big Data publications because it is the leading international association for professionals working on Operations Research and Analytics.

6. Datafloq: Founded by Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, the publication presents snippets, information, insights, and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.  It is the one-stop source for big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The platform also provides valuable knowledge around Big Data, including trends, best practices, organizational advice, events, and training. The objective of Datafloq is to spur the global understanding and application of Big Data to drive innovation and growth.

7. Emerj: Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is a platform where executive leaders turn to understand how AI is impacting their organization or industry – and what to do about it. The team’s focus is “Mapping what’s possible and what’s working in artificial intelligence to help leaders develop winning AI strategies.” Top leaders in finance, government, and global industries trust Emerj to cut through the artificial intelligence hype, leverage proven best-practices, and make data-backed decisions about mission-critical priorities.

8. Datanami: This website provides insight, analysis, and up-to-the-minute information about emerging trends and solutions in big data. The portal sheds light on all cutting edge technologies including networking, storage and applications, and their effect upon business, biosciences, retail, healthcare, industry, government, and research. The publication examines the avalanche of unprecedented amounts of data and the impact the high-end data explosion is having across the IT, enterprise, and commercial markets.

The site is available in different languages such as English, Chinese, French, Japanese, or Spanish.

9. Inside BIGDATA: Founded on August 28, 2011, insideBIGDATA is a news outlet that distills news, strategies, products, and services in the world of Big Data for data scientists as well as IT and business professionals. Its editorial focus is big data, data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning.The readers also have access to interviews with researchers and business executives who provide first-hand insight into tech research and daily life work.

10. Dataconomy: Dataconomy, founded in Berlin, focuses on news, expert opinions, and events within data-driven technology. It focuses on industry giants and disruptive startups alike, looking at only the most exciting applications of data technology. It further provides a global network of industry-renowned contributors and local communities all across Europe.