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Top 10 AI Fundings and Investments for Q1 2022 for a Smart Future

  /  Latest News   /  Top 10 AI Fundings and Investments for Q1 2022 for a Smart Future
AI fundings and investments

Top 10 AI Fundings and Investments for Q1 2022 for a Smart Future

Millions of dollars of AI funding and investments are motivating start-ups with innovation.

Companies have successfully identified the core areas where the world needs to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and many more. Customers, as well as investors, are highly interested to use AI-based products and services and earn profit through efficiency and seamlessness. Thus, funding on AI is also increasing at an exponential rate to initiate millions of dollars of investment in artificial intelligence. AI funding for Q1 2022 has benefitted multiple AI start-ups and companies to reach their goals efficiently. Thus, let’s move forward to know about the Q1 2022 AI fundings and investments that have made the financial headlines with flying colors.


Data Sutram

Data Sutram has received one of the top AI fundings and investments in Q1 2022 after raising US$2.07 million from eminent investors such as Varanium Capital and Yatra Angel Network. This is a Mumbai-based location intelligence start-up that offers sector-focused data packages to help companies acquire customers efficiently. It will use this funding on AI through scaling up the operations at an international level and investing in new data sources. has received US$3.5 million AI funding for Q1 2022 from Inflexor Ventures as one of the top investments in artificial intelligence. It is a California-based automotive cybersecurity start-up focused on utilizing this AI funding and investment in fresh capital towards increasing the number of products, growth in business in India as well as across the world. It is known for offering specialized machine learning cybersecurity for different automobiles.



Uniphore has grabbed one of the tops AI fundings and investments in Q1 2022 with a US$400 million fundraise from Series E. It has successfully entered the unicorn club as a Conversational AI platform with total funding on AI leading to US$610 million. This AI funding for Q1 2022 was from the global VC firm known as NEA. The Q1 2022 AI funding and investment of Uniphore will help in extending the technology as well as market leadership with advancements in Voice AI, computer vision, and many more.



SalesKen has received one of the top Q1 2022 AI fundings and investments worth US$22 million from Series B. The investment in artificial intelligence was led by M12 and Sequoia India. The sales conversation AI start-up has determined to utilize the funding on AI by expanding in the North American market as well as developing the deep-tech product efficiently.


Agot AI

Agot AI has nabbed AI funding for Q1 2022 worth US$12 million from Grit Ventures, Conti Ventures, Yum, and the Kitchen Fund. The Pittsburgh-based food service computer vision company has decided to spend the investment in artificial intelligence through the development of the engineers’ team, expanding the reach of pilot programs, as well as adding features to enhance customer experience.


Actable AI

Actable AI has made headlines for being a part of Q1 2022 AI fundings and investments and raising US$1.2 million in pre-seed funding. It will help to make data analytics more and better accessible with casual AI. This investment in artificial intelligence has motivated the London-based no-code advanced analytics start-up to reach 1 billion spreadsheet users across the world. This AI funding and investment was led by Begin Capital and other investors.



Exodigo has received AI funding for Q1 2022 worth US$29 million in seed funding for being a subsurface imaging start-up. It is focused on a non-intrusive subterranean mapping platform for mining and other utility companies. The AI funding and investment were led by Zeev Ventures, 10D Ventures, SquarePeg Capital, and others.



Deepdub is one of the top start-ups to receive US$20 million in Series A from Insight Partners for promoting AI-based dubbing with the original voices of actors. It is leveraging the growing demand for localized content by using artificial intelligence for the dubbing process.



Elever is a Bengaluru-based AI start-up with a focus on leveling up the playing field for money management and achieving lifestyle goals. It has received funding on AI worth US$750,000 from 19 investors. It has a plan to launch an artificial intelligence-based platform to bridge the tech gap. Q1 2022 AI funding and investment of Elever will help to enhance product-market fit as well as expand the team for better growth.



Glance has raised one of the top AI fundings for Q1 2022 worth US$200 million from Jio Platform in a Series D round. As an AI-based lock-screen platform from InMobi, Jio is focused on this AI funding and investment to boost the launch of this company in important global markets including Russia, Mexico, the USA, and Brazil. The aim is to create the world’s largest live content as well as commerce environment on the lock screen.