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  /  Business   /  This Tech-based Fabric Will Let You Pay Your Bills with a High-Five!

This Tech-based Fabric Will Let You Pay Your Bills with a High-Five!

UC Irvine engineers innovated a tech-based fabric that you can use to pay for your purchases with a high five

Engineers at the University of California, Irvine have created a high tech-based fabric that enables wearers to digitally interact with nearby electronic devices and make secure payments with a single touch or a swipe of a sleeve. This high tech-based fabric technology is at the tip of our hands to use on-demand. Researchers integrated advanced metamaterials into flexible textiles to create a system capable of battery-free communication between articles of clothing and nearby devices.


Introducing a Tech-Based Fabric

With this fabric, electronics establish signaling as soon as you hover your clothes over a wireless reader, so you can share information with a simple high-five. This high tech-based fabric technology is like the railway signal that transmits power and signals as it criss-crosses a garment. The system allows new segments to be added readily, and separate pieces of clothing can be paired to talk with one another.

This tech fabric was designed to be highly flexible and tolerant of bodily motion. It’s possible to coordinate separate pieces of clothing.  This tech-based fabric technology is like a smartphone or charge card that can be used to pay for purchases and has taken advantage of near-field signaling technologies. This system doesn’t require batteries either, since it’s powered through whatever device it communicates with, such as a nearby cell phone.

The materials involved in the high tech-based fabric technology are low-cost and easy to fabricate and customize, and varying lengths and branches of the metamaterial rails can be heat-pressed onto wearers’ existing clothing. These textiles are simple to make and can be integrated with interesting wearable designs.

This fabric is not only cool and inexpensive but can reduce the burden that modern electronics can bring to our lives. No need to wait longer to manually unlock your car with a key or separate wireless device because your body would become the badge to open facility gates.