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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  This New AI Tool is Making a Film Director’s Life So Much Easier!

This New AI Tool is Making a Film Director’s Life So Much Easier!

Will AI become a threat and eliminate the true creativity involved in filmmaking?

Everyone’s biggest existential dread used to be losing their jobs to artificial intelligence (AI). That all changed when the pandemic struck, and millions of people lost their jobs for reasons unrelated to AI. For many, turning to the freelancing or “gig-based” economy was the greatest solution to their COVID-related employment troubles. This resulted in a significant increase in the value of firms that connect clients with freelancers, and Fiverr, an Israeli startup, was no exception. 

However, the tide is turning, and employees are returning to work. This has sparked some cautious pessimism in the market, and even Fiverr, whose stock peaked only last year, isn’t immune. To get things moving again, the company is introducing inventive new solutions that it believes will keep staff and customers on the platform in the post-COVID future.

Fiverr’s AI Auditions,” a machine learning-powered platform that synthesizes human speech so that actors can audition for voice roles asynchronously, is perhaps the most intriguing of these new options. First and foremost, Fiverr’s new tool that uses artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry is a director’s dream (if it works). Because it is only available to a restricted number of workers, there isn’t much information about its efficacy at this time.


The procedure is straightforward, according to a corporate press release:

Voiceover artists on Fiverr may quickly train the voice auditions engine to produce their own AI voices. Customers will be able to quickly access Fiverr’s marketplace to “sample” a voiceover artist’s voice without having to first contact them or request an audition. After entering a few sentences from their screenplay into a text box on the voiceover artist’s Fiverr profile, AI will read the language aloud in the voiceover artist’s voice, giving them an indication of whether or not that person’s voice will work for their project.



According to Fiverr, this is a major issue that must be addressed. The process of recording and transmitting voice samples for auditions can be onerous and time-consuming, according to a testimonial featured in the AI Auditions press release. The key advantages of AI Auditions would be a one-time training cycle and the ability to hear actors pronounce any line.

Actors can budget a small amount of time when their voice is in peak performance condition and then let the machine handle the rest of the tedium required in first-round auditions with the one-off training cycle. Those looking for talent can create custom audition videos at their leisure, saving them time from waiting for new audition files.

On the one hand, this appears to be a game-changer for people who just want to work and recruit agents looking for the perfect voice for a short-term job. It does, however, sound like a dystopian nightmare. The issue is that AI Auditions appear to be far too wonderful to be true. If it’s robust enough to be useful that is, if the audio quality is good and it accurately reflects the unique voice of a certain human actor, nefarious operatives will most likely make use of it.

From the perspective of a starving artist or a project coordinator attempting to perform their best work, it appears to be a blessing. However, Fiverr will fortify this particular feature to prevent bad agents from simply entering the entire screenplay into the  AI system and recording anything it produces without ever compensating the original human actor.

There’s a risk, Fiverr’s AI won’t be able to produce Oscar-worthy voice acting performances, but that won’t be a problem for every project. That said if Fiverr manages to keep the data hidden and implements some form of watermarking or other intellectual theft-prevention methods. This may level the playing field for voice performers who are more dedicated to their job than they are to audition.