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The SilverLogic: Providing Technology Solutions to Enterprises Through AR-VR Software Development

  /  AR and VR   /  The SilverLogic: Providing Technology Solutions to Enterprises Through AR-VR Software Development
David Hartmann, The SilverLogic, AR VR

The SilverLogic: Providing Technology Solutions to Enterprises Through AR-VR Software Development

Based in Boca Raton, FL, The SilverLogic is an award-winning software engineering company and solution architect specialized in business automation and digital transformation. The company customizes the tools and platforms its client companies need to excel. It has won multiple hackathons with AR apps and looks forward to continuing to work in this exciting space.

The SilverLogic’s business revolves around enabling local businesses to thrive by creatively and intelligently integrating modern digital tools with their corporate workflow or their products, making emerging technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, more accessible to enterprises and consumers than ever before. With experience in several industries and corporate environments, innovation is at the heart of the company’s operations, through its ethos of solution architecture. Every company roadblock has a unique ideal tech solution, so innovation and creativity are paramount to its daily operations and services.


Making Technologies Accessible for the Local Communities

The SilverLogic was founded with the vision to make technology accessible within the local tech and business communities and to upcoming entrepreneurs, as well as to provide solutions that drive change for its clients. Founded eight years ago, TSL has swiftly grown to operate with 40 employees across the U.S. and internationally. Entirely, self-funded, TSL keeps growing even amidst the pandemic, both in developing the company, and learning new and innovative applications for emerging technologies.


Growing Rapidly

The SilverLogic has been growing exponentially in recent years, earning position no. 1794 on 2020’s Inc. 5000 list, winning the South Florida Business Journal’s Technology and Innovation Award, and placing on GrowFL’s Companies to Watch List 2020. The company has also participated in hackathons nationwide and brought back seven years of wins. Notably, it developed OmniPark, a full-AR application for Visa that won first place in the Visa Money 20/20 Las Vegas hackathon. Using Visa APIs and augmented reality visualization, OmniPark transports parking space management, traffic meter functionality, and live GPS directions to the virtual world for consumers. TSL serves partners to Visa, TransUnion, Neo4j, Body Details, VuPulse, Inspected, and many more.


A Highly Ambitious Leader

David Hartmann, The SilverLogic’s Founder and CEO, comes from a family of entrepreneurs who immigrated to the United States from Germany with immediate ambitions. While earning his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at FAU, at the age of 21, David founded The SilverLogic. Since then, he has led the charge for his company’s success through involved tech expertise, constant hands-on engagement, and a dedicated application of lean startup and agile methodologies. David has also bolstered Florida’s entrepreneurial and tech communities through over 20 investments in local startups, philanthropic environmental work, and active mentorship with the FAU Tech Runway, the VMT, and the Watson Institute. Additionally, he is the main sponsor of Startup Grind Palm Beach and developed a free 13-week boot camp and an internship program. New projects and constant participation in nationwide hackathons ensure that David’s expert teams of software engineers and solution architects at The SilverLogic learn new technologies to apply and actively participate in the evolving tech community.


Offering Digital Information

The SilverLogic is continually exploring the applications of AR/VR technology and its intersectionality with other disciplines and technologies across several industries. The company developed the iOS application RealDeal for Visa. This consumer tool enables everyday shoppers to virtually render any deals on an item; they are pointing their mobile device’s camera to, on their screen. This way, store managers can streamline deal labelling as the software communicates with their merchandise database, eliminating the need to micromanage labels as deals and prices fluctuate.

This software has additional intersectionality with GPS integrations, as it can lead one to nearby ATMs through AR, and Alexa development, as its Visa API can be accessed through the Amazon Echo. By superimposing pertinent information onto a user’s live camera view, TSL enables them to see the digital information and models of the world manifested in front of them. AR has never been more convenient, and The SilverLogic is harnessing its potential and introducing it to businesses nationwide.


Revolutionizing the Tech Market with Disruptive Technologies

Cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, IoT, and AI offer intersectionality, not only with each other but with augmented and virtual reality. By harnessing both AI and VR, researchers could develop algorithms that detect damaged organs in a surgical patient, and an AR/VR-rendering machine can intuitively visualize these to provide a doctor with everything they need to know before their operation. Similarly, one can find the intersectionality between cloud computing and AR/VR. Cloud Computing can provide large amounts of processing power and storage for VR visualizations on relatively cheaper hardware, making it even more accessible.

The simultaneous appearance of these disruptive technologies, then, has a multiplicative effect on the technology market. So many possibilities will become available to enterprises and consumers within the next few years, and it’ll be a race in creativity to see how The SilverLogic makes the most of it all.


Providing Digital Solutions through Software Development

The SilverLogic provides clients with its trademark solution architecture, a collaborative process of software development wherein the company examines its clients’ existing ideas, workflow, and methods to find roadblocks or impasses in their pipeline. Then, the company develops a digital solution for its partners, creatively applying existing technology to not only integrate as seamlessly into their workflow as possible but to solve their main problems of inefficiency. This business model requires constant learning, diverse industry experience, novel applications of existing tech, etc. So, innovation is at the heart of The SilverLogic.

TSL has crafted mobile and web applications, software that integrates with QBS, Amazon Alexa, and Neo4j databases. It has built business automation tools, data scraping software, and AR/VR solutions, all depending on the client’s company. Applying technology creatively and innovatively to solve real-world problems or make innovative new products is The SilverLogic’s specialty.


Discovering the Full Potential of AR/VR

As augmented and virtual reality technologies evolve in the future, more applications for these will become available. The SilverLogic predicts the rise of practical AR as it integrates its functionality with daily user lifestyles. Industry fields such as healthcare and education will see the opportunity to include AR/VR in their practices, even to the extent of it potentially aiding surgeons through 3D visualization technology. More and more online classrooms or immersive educational materials can become available throughout schools and universities. The gaming industry will assuredly become a major player in the AR/VR market, especially as the necessary hardware becomes cheaper with cloud computing.

New tools, online environments, means for productivity, and research opportunities will open up as a product of AR/VR moving into the future, and The SilverLogic is eager to continue finding new applications for AR/VR and making it more accessible to the everyday user.