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The Most Effective Email Marketing Software of 2021

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Email marketing software

The Most Effective Email Marketing Software of 2021

Essential email marketing software one should know about

Email marketing software is a service-based software that marketers use for email marketing. This software can be used for a variety of different purposes, from growing a list of email subscribers, to designing and building customized email templates, to creating segmented lists for more targeted, relevant emails to be sent. With a variety of services, resources, and tools, the software allows marketers to do much more than simply send emails.



HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive digital marketing solution delivered as a cloud service. It nicely integrated customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and campaign automation. That’s a wide range of features and customization in one platform, which means it can address the needs of large or small businesses, though its price tag will probably rule out very small companies. On behalf of email marketing, HubSpot does a great job with canned and customizable email templates that will help get you through the creation and mailing process once you figure them out. On the sales and CRM side, HubSpot included formidable contact management and good integration with social media. It’s also easily integrated with HubSpot CRM and has its own help desk platform, too. Overall, HubSpot has evolved the Marketing Hub into a really well-rounded system that can certainly give players like Salesforce a run for their money.



Mailchimp has long been the dominant player in the email marketing space and now the company is adding turnkey e-commerce, better automation, and even embedded customer relationship management (CRM) features to its offering. The latest version of Mailchimp even offers website hosting and design. What’s great is that Mailchimp has kept all these new features inside its familiar app framework. A framework that remains intuitive and familiar.



Sendinblue is an email marketing solution aimed squarely at small to midsize businesses (SMBs). The latest version has consolidated some functions and evolved others, so it can now serve as more of a complete digital marketing hub. New and notable features include beefier automation, baked-in customer relationship management (CRM), and a new professional template creation service. Sendinblue pricing is appealing in two ways. First, Sendinblue’s pricing is easy to understand because it’s restricted to just one structure, namely monthly email sends. Competitors like Zoho Campaigns and HubSpot often have multiple structures that center not just on email volume, but also contact volume and often a combination of the two.



Campaigner is a full-featured email marketing solution that combines a competitive price (starting at $19.95 for up to 1,000 contacts), a wide range of automation options, a good number of third-party integrations, and 24/7 live chat support. It also stands out due to its nicely refined and intuitive interface that includes a wide selection of templates.



Infusionsoft by Keap, which starts at $199 a month per user account, is a solid all-around email marketing solution that integrates customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation functionality in one interface. Its designers worked towards making Infusionsoft an antidote to businesses spending too much time with data entry and who struggle managing marketing information across disparate systems.