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Telness: Embracing Opportunities using Modern technologies for the Telecom Industry

  /  CXO   /  Telness: Embracing Opportunities using Modern technologies for the Telecom Industry

Telness: Embracing Opportunities using Modern technologies for the Telecom Industry

Telness is a telecom company challenging the traditional telecom and mobile providers and setting new standards in terms of technology, innovation, and customer experience. In short, the company offers a SaaS telecom platform for operators, and has built itself as a mobile operator targeting small enterprises that use its tech platform situated in Sweden.
Telness was founded with a mission to change the standards and perceptions of the mobile operator. In most countries, an operator is perceived as a tedious, complicated profession and associated with the experience of dealing much hassle for the customers. Telness   Founder and CEO, Martina Klingvall grasped the opportunity to start from grassroots and build a tech solution to innovate both the prerequisites an operator could have and also provide the customer experiences expected by end customers. Since its launch in 2017, Telness has onboarded thousands of customers and has a leading position with the highest number of happy customers in Sweden on Trustpilot. Telness has also proven that its tech platform enables business operations in a scalable and efficient way with a lean organization offering lower-cost services.


An Influential Trendsetter

Martina Klingvall has an engineering background and has previously worked at one of the largest operators in the Nordics. She chose to challenge large giants, and disrupt by leading by example of how an operator could operate instead of trash-talking competitors. She has since started to stay focused on ‘HOW’ to build the company instead of just the end product and service, which has led her into a larger follower base on LinkedIn following her and Telness journey of building their company.


Delivering Enhanced Solutions through Innovation

Telness has managed to build an end-to-end native cloud telecom platform, automizing how a mobile operator can operate and digitalize both internal and end customer journeys. The platform enables 100% self-service and online sales for both consumer and B2B brands and changes the arena of how to compete in a competitive market. When most operators are offering similar products and services with the price being the selling point, Telness enables other arenas for differentiation and sets new expectations of what service and customer experience an operator could and should have as a standard.


Meeting Expectations with Disruptive Technologies

Martina shares that people assume the telecom sector as generally a tedious venture and considered it something that involves a lot of monotonous and trivial tasks. The disruptive technologies are, therefore, interesting since they automate rote tasks and reduce time and pain points from something one does not wish to spend time on. Telness has been using technology, which is leveraged in the banking and gaming sector, and enhanced it into the area of telecom to set new standards and possibilities.


Recognition for Proven Excellence

Martina opinionated that Telness Swedish operator is at zenith position in the industry, and its Trustpilot is the most preferred of all operators in Sweden. This highlights that customers can actually love a telecom brand. Because of its outstanding services, Telness has also won many merits for both its culture, leadership, and innovative solutions in the market.


Rising Beyond Significant Challenges

In a highly competitive and saturated market, it is always a challenge to go up against major giants in the industry and try to make oneself heard and prove one’s position. Even for Telness, the biggest challenge was to prove itself. Just by utilizing its tech, the company has successfully managed to build itself something unique in this niche. “Growing our own operator and using (and therefore) proving our tech has been a crucial success to “show don’t ‘tell,” as well as it has made us build our company and solution based on genuine customer needs,” says Martina.


Envisioning an Optimistic Future                                                                                             

Telness is confident that its unique offering and solutions have the potential which can help many operators transform their business, not having their legacy decelerating innovation. As communication and connectivity are becoming more important than ever, the company is enthusiastic to drive itself to the new horizons in this industry.