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  /  Latest News   /  Tech Fanatics are Going Gala Over Kyra, India’s First Metaverse Influencer

Tech Fanatics are Going Gala Over Kyra, India’s First Metaverse Influencer

India’s first metaverse influencer is here, who is taking the internet by storm garnering about 100K followers.

For global industries, the metaverse is the new technology hub. The domain has already made waves around the globe. To deliver an immersive online experience, this immersive and advanced digital world will comprise digital representations of people, locations, and items. The metaverse is also rapidly becoming a domain where businesses can promote their products and services. Since they conducted the first metaverse fashion show just a few months ago, metaverse marketing has already become a common phenomenon for several high-end fashion firms. Now, India, as a tech hotspot, is not hesitating to use the domain to achieve its technological goals. Kyra, India’s first metaverse influencer, was introduced in the country to help businesses promote and advertise their brands and products.

Kyra is a 21-year-old dream chaser, model, and traveler, according to her Instagram profile. In just six months, she has amassed over 100,000 Instagram followers. If you’re asking whether Kyra is a human or not, the answer is no. Kyra is India’s first metaverse influencer. This virtual avatar was produced by TopSocial, a company based in India. The top social team wanted to turn her into a meta-influencer who could think, create, and share appealing material. Virtual influencers are being created mostly because they’re a tremendous hit with advertisers in the metaverse. When they launched Kyra, fashion was one of the first areas they concentrated on. So they are looking forward to seeing how Indian fashion brands join the metaverse.


Why do brands love metaverse influencers?

On Instagram, there are countless other metaverse influencers that have worked with major fashion labels such as Prada, Chanel, and Burberry. In 2018, Lil Miquela was ranked as one of the top 25 most influential individuals on the internet. She has been photographed with celebrities like Bella Hadid and has championed various sociological concerns that are now trending on the internet, such as Black Lives Matter. But, like other popular influencers, Kyra is a metaverse influencer, burgeoning in tech areas, and she is likely to attract equal attention from luxury and high-end tech, and non-tech firms.

In any case of metaverse influencers, she isn’t the only one who is profiting Shudu as a member of the #BalmainArmy from South Africa. Maya was designed by Puma, a sportswear company. Alibaba Group has engaged Chinese virtual influencer Ayayi as a digital manager for a sales event in 2021, and Guerlain has invited her to attend its summer event. Traditional human influencers appear to have lower engagement rates than metaverse influencers’ personalities. Plus, for the time being, brands may be able to afford a digital influencer more readily. Advertisers, unlike real people, may construct their own distinct personas for these characters and influence their connections.


Are digital influencers a threat? 

Kyra and her peers all have one thing in common: they are all underweight, which exacerbates body image concerns. Continued exposure to photoshopped, airbrushed, and digitally altered human models has been proved to possess disastrous impacts on mental health. We can only expect that the popularity of virtually generated models will reinforce even more unrealistic beauty standards, compounding all of the physical and psychological anguish associated with them.