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Executives are having a hard time adopting the tech trends of 2021 and abiding by digital transformation 2020 has been quite a year of twists and turns.ย Digital transformation was at the center of all the changes that the year has brought.

The automotive industry is adopting augmented and virtual reality to provide consumers with advancements.   As technology intrudes automotive industry, peoplesโ€™ expectation for advanced travel vehicles keeps increasing. Consumers demand to be offered with a plethora of options in almost every segment.

Is it possible for Virtual Reality to Manipulate Human Brains? And How?   Virtual reality (VR) environments can be as small as the cockpit of an airplane or as large as a wholly virtual world. These environments are designed to be as

What are the Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2020?   Virtual reality (VR) headsets/systems are special hardware that allows one to immerse oneself in fictitious settings. Using three-dimensional imaging technology, VR headsets enable one to enter an artificial environment. Whether game or film,

Is your personal data private while using VR for profiling?   Virtual reality (VR) is such a technology that is used to create a simulated technology. VR places the user inside an experience, unlike traditional user interfaces. Instead of putting a screen

Virtual reality and augmented reality have revolutionized the gaming industry.   Games! They have been the notable form of entertainment pursuit for human civilization. In the Stone Age, the games humans played using shrapnel and wood sticks taught them to hunt and

What is Spatial Computing? Is it similar to AR-VR or it is beyond both?   People across the world must have had used the applications of spatial computing. Yet not many are aware of the existent of it. While the term is