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The kind of drama that is spewing all over the industry due to the Twitter vs Elon war is something we don’t want Currently, the Twitter vs Elon war seems to be no better than some daytime sitcom drama. Every day

Elon Musk is mocked by Twitter users for seeking publicity and then abandoning the Twitter deal Elon Musk has a certain quality that has nothing to do with business, technology, or entrepreneurship, despite the fact that his achievements as a geeky

Elon Musk should focus on other issues rather than fixating on Twitter bots For quite some time, thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter bots have come to occupy much of the discussion in the tech world. In venturing to take over the

Musk proposes to purchase Twitter for US$44 billion yet he brings down the bid amid controversies The Tesla and SpaceX CEO and the world’s richest man, Elon Musk initially proposed to purchase Twitter for US$44 billion, the social media platform, where

Twitter may not be free under the Elon Musk regime, Twitteratis to pay slight fees for the platform! online pharmacy no prescription pharmacy Elon Musk could charge commercial and government users a small fee, showing what Twitter should look

The idea, of the tech giant Elon Musk to open-source Twitter’s algorithm might not be fruitful as per the experts. So far Elon Musk has been a bucket of innovative ideas for Twitter and among them, the one that he’s pitched

Twitter employees search for answers as Musk’s Twitter takeover now points at and now job cuts When Twitter shareholders agreed to sell the company to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for US$44 billion on April 25, the parties agreed on certain terms