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Is it possible for Virtual Reality to Manipulate Human Brains? And How?   Virtual reality (VR) environments can be as small as the cockpit of an airplane or as large as a wholly virtual world. These environments are designed to be as

Presently, the blockchain and 5G technology are the most highly debated and hyped on the marketplace.   Blockchains are a collection of blocks connected through cryptography, or rather 'chain'. Each block has transaction data encrypted and therefore can not be changed. This

Software for identification is used to transform faces into barcodes   Machine learning has created software to assess a person's particular pattern of imagery or video to a far higher degree of precision than older technology. This allows vast numbers of people

Artificial Intelligence is empowering aspiring musicians, disrupting the industry Artificial intelligence (AI) is now influencing the music industry. Like other industries, AI is automating services, discovering patterns and insights in enormous data sets, creating efficiencies. Companies in this sector require to

How Automation is shaping the Food Industry during COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has affected several industries, probably none more than those engaged in food packaging, preparation, and service, in short, the food industry. The impact on the consumer end is well-discussed. The

Businesses were forced to shift to remote working during Covid-19 pandemic enabling technology as the primary source.   The proverb ‘money makes many things’ can be twisted around to ‘technology makes many things’ to keep them in trend. Yes, the modern era

Technology might Prevent Day Zero Water Crisis   Although 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, only 1% of that is available for humans to use. Our global society's pace is moving too fast for water to fulfill its potential