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Machine Learning in the cloud can automatically detect anomalies in user behavior. Machine learning promises capabilities to study algorithms and learn and access data by training computers. Businesses use machine learning algorithms in a diverse range of applications, such as email

Demand for robots that can perform human tasks grown across the globe. As per Robotics for Infectious Diseases, an association of researchers, in early July, robots of numerous kinds were directly included battling the pandemic in at least 33 countries.

The pre-existing tech biases establish a feeling of uncertainty amongst employees, rendering them to be less enthusiastic towards organizations. A few years back, #BlackTechTwitter, a popularised Hashtag by Pariss Athena, disclosed the grim reality inside the tech industry's four walls. Though

The market size of DevOps is expected to grow by US$10.31 billion, with a CAGR of 24.7%. As organizations are amalgamating their business processes with technology, agility becomes imperative for organizations to survive in the volatile network. The DevOps is a technology that

Agile Methodology was founded in 2001 by seventeen software developers. Agile methodology is the process by which a team can manage a project by breaking it up into several stages and involving constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at every stage.

What are the key things that companies must pay attention these days?   Technology sustains development and business productivity. And this pandemic proved it true, dead to rights! Not only the major enterprises, but SMEs are now more excited than ever to

The strong pattern of facial recognition in wasps is observed to be a stepping stone in identifying the evolution of cognitive ability in humans. The question that compel historians and scientists, even humans, is the nature of evolution of human beings.