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Can Analytics help enhance the Domestic Retail Industry? A fast-growing economy, deep penetration of the internet, and rising adoption of technology across industries are few ways India of today can be described. It is experiencing transformation in various sectors including retail.

The device is intelligent in the sense that it has embedded monitoring and sensing capabilities. Robots are natural partners for manufacturing houses. They play a major role in automating manufacturing solutions to enhance efficiency, safety and competitive advantage in the market. However, the other

Chemical Industry’s contribution to reviving Indian Economy. The 6th largest in the world and 3rd largest in Asia, the Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest industries. The chemical industry has served as India's backbone of industrial and agricultural development

The secret of keeping Open Source Software secure.   According to a research from Synopsys, open source code is a piece of generally 99% of commercial codebases. Most engineers lean toward utilizing open source programming due to its flexibility and the movement

The supply chain is a complicated but well-figured source of developing revenue. After the outbreak of Covid-19, every sector got jeopardized as human-to-human contact got stopped. But the technology sector opened its door wide enough to let everyone in. And

How can IIoT and Edge Help to Fight the Effects of Climate Change on the Supply Chain Industry?   The adoption of edge computing and data analytics have propelled the IoT enabled growth in industries. While the industrial internet of things (IIoT)