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Working alongside robots could contribute to burnout and fears of losing your job In this era of artificial intelligence, robots are transforming the way of human’s work. Although the collaboration of humans with robots can generate new jobs and increase productivity,

Electronic brains allow microscopic robots to walk freely without any form of external control We have noticed many tiny robots before, but never like this. Researchers from Cornell have developed the first microscopic robots that operate without any form of external

Technical skills and data literacy are crucial in this age of AI, big data and automation. As the world is venturing into the fourth industrial revolution, in which artificial intelligence and robots might take up most of the jobs, there

This conspiracy theory about AI robots killing 29 Japanese scientists has gone viral. In this era of AI, the internet has a hunger for nothing more than a good conspiracy theory, and now there’s a new one to rank top on

Historian predicts that AI might become the primary reason for human extinction Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the next big thing, it is a big thing in every industry. Artificial intelligence has been purely integrated into our blood through various

The 'waggle dance' inspired by bees helped create a new robotic language The waggle dance used by bees to communicate where pollen is located has inspired a new motion-based robotics language. This month's Frontiers in Robotics and AI study demonstrated the

Scientists are transforming dead spiders into robots, a process that can be recognized as 'necrobotics' Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders that is excessive or irrational. It is usually treated with exposure therapy, in which a person is shown pictures and