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These tips can help ensure safe and robust robots. Robotics plays a vital part in Industry 4.0, defined by the trend towards automation and smart factories. Notwithstanding, with science progressing constantly, the risk of cybersecurity being undermined emerges. Cybersecurity experts are

Global Tech Outlook presents a closer look at “robots that cook.”   Robots are everywhere around the world. From factories, to companies to business to real-estate- Robotics has spread it wings across all the dimensions. Robots for technical use is fine and

Check out these best helpful robots for individuals with disabilities. The term "disability" now refers to people who have a component of their body that isn't working properly. Robotics, a modern technology, is giving additional ability to not just the disabled,

Latest technology is being used to make robots to help in healthcare activities. The battle against COVID-19 has called for all hands-on decks and now, robots with the latest technology have come forward to further improve the process of healthcare. Canadian

Businesses require the advantages that AMRs offer, which is not available from other automation technologies or manual labor. AMRs, also known as Autonomous Mobile Robots are revolutionizing the automation industry today. AMRs move through large piles of merchandise, transporting the most

How Roboticists have already taken moves in robot design with biomimicry? While robots and robotic fantasies have lived for over two millennia in some form, in our world of fast-evolving cheap technologies, we are only starting to see their expected benefits

As technology progresses in today’s world, robots are likely to play a larger and greater role in everyone’s life.  In today's world, we can already see a number of robots used for various purposes, and as technology progresses, robots are likely