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Researchers have built a Robot than can Expand and Contract   Robotics' field is full of potential; hence, it often brings astonishing yet enticing applications to the table now and then. Though robotics today is no longer limited to gigantic arms at

Demand for robots that can perform human tasks grown across the globe. As per Robotics for Infectious Diseases, an association of researchers, in early July, robots of numerous kinds were directly included battling the pandemic in at least 33 countries.

Last month, tech firms Intel and Accenture announced their collaboration with ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Together they are focusing on building a robotic arm to help patients who use wheelchairs to perform daily tasks, using funding and technology support from Accenture,

Can Robots be used to address the Social Challenges of the World?   The hype and hysteria of robots are everywhere. Every day we read numerous articles about how theycan simplify our lives while stealing our jobs or may someday be a

Whether we approve of it or not, Robots now form an integral part of our lives. Scientists call it a Robot Revolution!   Often time we wonder how robots are affecting our lives, how have they changed the industrial culture, human lifestyle,

Robots can detect and classify accurately up to 76% of sounds People are capable of using mixed senses. Vision, hearing, smell and feel the touch are some of the basic senses in a human body. But robots are extremely different from

How did the Robots come into Existence, and How are they Assembled Today.   Man has always been fascinated with robots, even before it existed. Most of our sci-fi literature like Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and movies like Terminator, Wall-E, too chase