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Mark Zuckerberg is all set with his metaverse deals and Reel programs, but is it enough? Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions for the “metaverse,” the buzzy brand he has assigned to the idea of a digital world buttressed by virtual reality and dominated

Marriages and court proceedings can now take place in the metaverse, your court wedding awaits in the domain! According to a Singaporean government minister, legal marriage proceedings, court case disputes, and government services may one day be available on the Metaverse.

Dubai plans on creating jobs in the metaverse! Its advancement plans should be a lesson for India Dubai has unveiled a new strategy that will see its government create 40,000 jobs and add more than US$4 billion to its economy over

Big tech companies gather around to make metaverse a more pleasant and useful platform Recently, I've heard a lot about the metaverse, and how it might alter the way we communicate, have fun, and shop. Despite all the enthusiasm, some might

India's first metaverse influencer is here, who is taking the internet by storm garnering about 100K followers. For global industries, the metaverse is the new technology hub. The domain has already made waves around the globe. To deliver an immersive online

NFTICALLY launches the world's first crypto-free metaverse for e-commerce. This is how it will work. NFTICALLY, the creator of the NFT marketplace, has announced the launch of Comearth, the world's first e-commerce metaverse ecosystem that will operate without cryptocurrency. This platform

Look for your favorite car in the metaverse before buying it in the real world. MG Motor has introduced its own metaverse platform, dubbed ‘MGverse.’ The MGverse will include five different virtual spaces for employees, including an ‘explore and creator center,’