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Meta has come up with a new AI translator but it might be overhyped! Meta has taken another step towards creating a universal language translator. The company has open-sourced an AI model that translates over 200 languages, many of which aren’t

Beware of Meta watching over you at the most unprecedented of times The big eye is following you everywhere you go. Meta trackers are embedded in millions of online websites all over the internet, collecting data about where you go and

Sheryl Sandberg, the second-in-command of Meta has stepped down after 14 years of service! Meta Platforms’ Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the second-in-command of Meta helped turn the business from a startup to a digital advertising empire. Her close partnership

The new language model of AI, OPT, might either be a major hit or a huge loss for Meta in the future. Meta is known as the top hi-tech company in the world including one of the most popular social media

New inventions from the social networking genius are coming soon in the form of AR glasses. generic lipitor online over the counter   It seems like the Facebook CEO (Now the king of Meta) is nowhere near done with his

NVIDIA and Meta are pacing fast forward for winning the AI supercomputer race   The AI Supercomputer is one of the top advanced computers present for a considerable period of time. That is not the news. The news is that they are