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Many Incidents of Sexual Harassments go Unreported. Can Artificial Intelligence Tools help us Fight this heinous Crime?   Sexual harassment is quite traumatic for people. As per an online survey launched in January 2018, by a nonprofit called Stop Street Harassment found that 81% of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of technology to think and act like a human and is being utilized to help fight off potential cyberattacks. Employing AI and machine learning to detect vulnerabilities significantly enhances human capabilities, as AI can analyze and report millions of cyberthreats in

The issue is whether AI's decisions will be less biased than human ones, or will it make issues worse?   A debate regarding biases and equality has been ignited by the use of artificial intelligence in sensitive fields, namely recruitment, criminal justice, and health.

Understanding why machine learning is integral to ad fraud mitigation Today’s digitally connected world is rife with internet frauds. These range from ID forgery, email phishing, credit card frauds to ad frauds. Out of these ad fraud has been a problem

With the increasing number of mouths to feed, can artificial intelligence technologies help address farming issues? Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is catching the attention of businesses across many disciplines and industries, agriculture being one of them. This technology has the potential

Image generating models create new photographs from scratch with the help of datasets   The concept of generating an image from scratch is just years old. But since their emergence, image generative models are making a breakthrough change in the digital world. Advanced

What is semi-supervised machine learning and how will it help in data classification to derive insights?   Machine learning is an integral part of automation and digital transformation. AI-driven technologies use it extensively to analyse and predict insights. Machine learning algorithms are