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With technology, the transformation in the Telecommunication sector will prove lucrative to data operators and customers  The telecommunication industry around the world is facing a transformation. With the advent of 5G network, the possibility of fast and effective connectivity is gaining

How implementing Digital Twin within IoT ecosystem help Business. The concept of digital twins has been buzzing on the internet for the past few years. The popularity grew when Gartner added it to its list of top ten strategic technology trends for

What is Spatial Computing? Is it similar to AR-VR or it is beyond both?   People across the world must have had used the applications of spatial computing. Yet not many are aware of the existent of it. While the term is

Nothing is the same as it used to be seven months before. Starting from the way humans think, the way we work and live, everything has seen an unprecedented evolution in this short period of time. The only reason behind

How 5G and Cloud will change the Robotics Landscape in recent times?   It is said that Leonardo da Vinci had experimented with robotics during the Renaissance when he designed a mechanical lion to impress the King of France. Today, because of

The supply chains of the future are moving ahead to a transparent and tamperproof system ensuring resource efficiency across geographies. In this context, the focus is to reduce the three nexus components revolving round water, energy water, and the more