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By incorporating edge computing, healthcare and manufacturing sectors are reaping the maximum benefits. Edge computing is the new technique through which data can be accumulated, analyzed, handled and stored effectively. Gartner defines edge computing as "Part of a distributed computing topology

The attackers demand a ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment. Ransomware attacks are becoming a threat to the working system. In contrast to the general aspect that ransomware attackers focus on manufacturing and government sectors,

Robots are now an indispensable tool for many Businesses Robotics technology impacts each part of work and home. Robots today can possibly change lives and work practices, raise proficiency and security levels and give enhanced levels of service. Considerably more, robotics

Understanding the Benefits of Machine Learning in MRI scans   Applications of machine learning are so common nowadays that people don't even pay much attention. But did you know machine learning can also help detect health anomalies and conditions, which can help

The applications of new technologies would help in the acceleration of sustainable development in third world countries.  Humans live in an era, which is heavily guarded by society and governed by technology. Partnership across various sectors has been observed to be

With the emergence of new diseases, it has become imperative for researchers to accelerate the solutions, patterns, and predictability of such diseases with the help of predictive analysis.    As the COVID 19 outbreak greeted the world, the healthcare industry scrambled to

Understanding how machine learning is impacting research in pharmaceuticals The healthcare industry, especially the pharmaceuticals, is a goldmine of data. This data originates from companies, institutions, and hospitals, during research projects, clinic studies, patients records, and much more. However, finding relevant