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Deloitte projects Edge AI chips sales will grow 36% by 2024 - faster than other upcoming disruptive technologies Today, low latency and real-time insights are two of the most demanded features when it comes to data processing. This is why industries

Google's Look to Speak app launches on Android 9.0 and up, allows controlling of the device with eye movements   This Tuesday, Google unveiled a new accessibility service that lets users control their devices with their eyes called 'Look to Speak'. Aimed

Powered by GANs, the prototype AI tool translates sketches into an imaginary creature    Drawing or sketching has always been a fun part of human life. Through sketching, we can give a shape of our imaginations and even emotions. Now the

How Google is funding Middle East’s news providers Google has awarded $2 million to 21 projects in Turkey, Africa, and the Middle East, following the first Google Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge in the area. The movement is part of a broader series

 Accelerating the growth of Cloud Service Providers with Aerospace and Satellite Communications   Over the last few years, the adoption of cloud services is gaining momentum. With the exponential amount of data generated every day, cloud services have become the top trends,

Why are companies adopting Differential Privacy Algorithms?   In the 21st century, privacy has become a great luxury. We are familiar that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are increasingly infiltrating our personal and social interactions to collect vast

What Cloud Platforms have to offer in the Quantum Computing Industry?  Quantum Computing (QC) in cloud premises is an emerging discipline in the technological age, yet it is not the first time we hear about it. Several business leaders have already