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Fintech is an exponentially growing industry that is attracting a lot of attention from tech and finance professionals. Fintech, or financial technology, refers to the technological innovation in the design and delivery of financial services and products. Technology in finance continues

Fintech platform in India are promoted based on its service quality India has framed itself into a digital economy where fintech startups are promoted based on service quality. Today, people have become more open towards the concept of digital payments, which

How can Traditional Banks avoid Fintech Threats? Although banks have been following the traditional method of making financial transactions and saving money, fintech brought about a wave of insecurity among the bankers as conventional banking patterns started diminishing. Besides, these organizations

AI is helping the Fintech Sector to offer Enhanced Financial Services In the modern world, fintech essentially means financial technology that offers improved financial services and solutions. It prompts the use of digital technology that is focused on startups and new