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Over the past years, India has witnessed an increase in the use of drone technology for several military and civilian purposes. The use of drones in the defense sector has proven its worth and has contributed enormously to protecting and

Smart farming is the only possible option in such a situation to avoid the impending food crisis.   In the midst of excessive food production and the incidence of hunger, the global food security issue remains daintily unstable due to the dynamic

What are the Top names in Autonomous Self-Piloting Drones this year? Automation is a trend that can be noticed in any technological field. By omitting the requirement for manual input, the idea is to make industrial and commercial processes faster, more

The drone revolution would transform the way logistics and transportation are conceived and understood.   Drone sales are increasing every year, and more and more people are embracing the concept of owning such devices. These unmanned aerial vehicles are now seeking more

Drones pose a threat to the security of high-risk facilities, locations, and events in an inexpensive way Airborne drones are an exciting technology in the world. The localization of technology to laymen has increased the use of drones. However, the spike

Man has always been obsessed with the idea of making his life easier, comfortable, and safe. This simple idea has led to uncountable inventions and innovations. Even modern technology aims at making some of the most challenging and dangerous routine