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DevSecOps is a system that amalgamates security operations with the development process.   Businesses are heavily pushing for improvising their products and services in accordance with the altering customer demands globally. To meet the demands of the customers, organizations are now utilizing

The collaboration of AI-based application and software helps in developing analytics-based product. Data is the buzz word these days. For any business to be successful insightful data is imperative. And while businesses are executing data to learn about customer’s behavior, another

The market size of DevOps is expected to grow by US$10.31 billion, with a CAGR of 24.7%. As organizations are amalgamating their business processes with technology, agility becomes imperative for organizations to survive in the volatile network. The DevOps is a technology that

For any software, addressing the metrics of DevOps becomes crucial for undisrupted product delivery. tis the key to any IT industry. The demand for customer satisfaction and excellent product delivery has led many companies to deliver software as a service. Thus

Historically, the software was managed across silos. Thanks to the modern development of infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and integration tooling, cloud computing, automated testing, and containerization, DevOps has slowly become the new norm. DevOps is an increasingly popular approach to

Why does the IT industry need to adopt DevOps? What is automation related to DevOps? What is its role in the DevOps lifecycle? Automation is the answer to implementing DevOps and ensuring that it delivers. DevOps, which has gained enough traction

  As companies are caught up in a close race to keep up with the rapidly evolving modern technology, so is the need to process the increasing data and, therefore, cloud adoption. DevOps may help to embrace this approach. Known for