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Razer x Lambda Tensorbook comes with an impressive powerful Ubuntu Linux laptop for deep learning. Deep learning is a machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans. Lambda is a compute service that lets you build

Strong understanding on deep learning frameworks are a must-have skill for AI professionals. Deep learning frameworks with an interface or a tool helps data scientists and ML developers to bring the deep learning models into life. Deep learning is a sub-branch

Deep Learning can surely create wonders Choosing baby names for new parents is a hectic task amidst all the disguise they already face with the new-borns. Deep learning these days has gone to peaks with new inventions and innovations. Wait, wait,

Deep learning is helping to combat the contagious COVID-19 virus in 2021 The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in 2019 has stopped the world from physical interaction and transformed it into digital interaction. The year 2020 was very crucial for the

These deep learning methods in the crypto space can give immense benefits. Cryptocurrencies are growing and becoming an extremely interesting phenomenon today. Becoming quickly ubiquitous, digital coins are viewed as a profitable investment tool, fit for creating immense benefits on cryptocurrency

This new deep neural network tool - AtacWorks - can speed up Genome Analysis   Last year, NVIDIA came up with a deep convolutional neural network toolkit for epigenomics called AtacWorks. Today, NVIDIA and Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

AI Algorithms are surely one of the solutions to tomorrow's future, but it needs to be seen what that world looks like, and what ideals it is founded upon.   Artificial Intelligence in today's world is growing to be quite common. These