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Predictive analytics technology is composed of statistics, data mining, algorithms, and machine learning.     With organizations harnessing technology to better their market performance, emerging trends like predictive analytics are continually evolving. Data is a valuable asset to companies. However, the stored data becomes more valuable

Sports Analytics is slowly changing how Sports Teams can leverage Technology and Data Analytics to their Benefit   The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today. The crowds at stadiums, online and live cheer for favorite teams or sports players, humorous

Can Analytics help enhance the Domestic Retail Industry? A fast-growing economy, deep penetration of the internet, and rising adoption of technology across industries are few ways India of today can be described. It is experiencing transformation in various sectors including retail.

Already, we use analytics in our technology devices and businesses to make predictions and make smart decisions. Data analytics is expected to radically change the way we live and do business in the future. Already, we use analytics in our technology devices

Harnessing the full worth of data using embedded analytics   Organizations of each category are producing more data because of ordinary tasks than ever before. You most likely realize that data is important, yet do you know its full worth? Gartner gauges

The collaboration of AI-based application and software helps in developing analytics-based product. Data is the buzz word these days. For any business to be successful insightful data is imperative. And while businesses are executing data to learn about customer’s behavior, another

Artificial Intelligence for IT operation (AIOps) is an emerging, soon to be the buzzword of the digital world. This multi-layered technology platform embraces big data analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence to solve IT issues and enhance operations and has