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The advantages of learning cloud security skills in 2023, unlocking career growth opportunities Cloud security has become a critical aspect of IT in recent years as businesses increasingly rely on cloud computing. With the rise in cyber threats and the growing

The real potential effect of AI on cybersecurity and exploring strengths and limitations As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to surprise the world with its capabilities in various domains, questions arise about its potential impact on cybersecurity. If AI can produce masterpieces

The need for cybersecurity policies in India and everything you need to know about it Cybersecurity has become a crucial issue in the modern world as more and more people are relying on technology to store and transmit their personal and

Know how ChatGPT is changing the cybersecurity landscape by enhancing threat detection As the world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more crucial. From personal data breaches to large-scale cyber attacks, the need for reliable and advanced

Sanjai Gangadharan, Area Vice President – South ASEAN at A10 Networks, Inc. and Babur Khan, Technical Marketing Engineer at A10 Networks Like moths to a flame, hackers always go where the action is. As the COVID-19 pandemic drove work away from

Back in 2019, I wrote an article about the talent shortfall in technology and cybersecurity. Unfortunately, since the pandemic and because of Brexit, that gap, particularly here in the UK, has only widened. As of 2021, the global talent shortage

Cybersecurity means protecting the business's critical and sensitive data from the outside vile invaders. This business data includes all the information regarding the organization, customers, consumers, target market, competitors list, future plans, sensitive documents, and stakeholders. Cybercrime is currently one