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When will you adopt the Adaptive Cybersecurity Approach?   The threat landscape has changed radically since Content Security began its journey in 2000. Programmers and other cybercriminals have sharpened their abilities – prompting a monstrous expansion in breaches, as well as zero-day

The new platform offers enhanced XDR, new risk visibility, new third-party integrations, and simplified response to complex threats     Organizations are struggling with siloed tools, disjointed alerts and stealthy, sophisticated threats, whether they have a Security Operations Center (SOCs) or are relying

The number of DDoS attacks has surged up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   In the past few months, DDoS attacks have increased in frequency and with higher sophistication. Cloudflare reported witnessing a rise in extortion and ransom-based DDoS (RDDoS) cyberattacks targeting organizations

Recognized for its blockchain-based solution helping 500+ million mobile phone customers manage their consent and preferences to avoid spam calls and text messages   New Delhi – February 10th, 2021: Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering

Increasing the power of communication in all aspects of our lives will make us more productive, conserve money & time.   The idea of linking objects and devices of all kinds over the internet is IoT (the Internet of Things). In order

Executives are having a hard time adopting the tech trends of 2021 and abiding by digital transformation 2020 has been quite a year of twists and turns. Digital transformation was at the center of all the changes that the year has brought.

Will Artificial intelligence in Cybersecurity Replace Humans? Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity space can be used to understand the cyber environment to detect abnormal activity. Artificial intelligence (AI) can also benefit cybersecurity with automated techniques to generate whenever cyber threats are detected.