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SolarWinds Cyberattacks on Federal Governments and Private Companies   Organizations across several sectors are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, putting the information of millions of people at risk of exposure. Cyberattacks on federal governments and private companies are increasing, and they are prime

The Role of NetSecOps in Curbing Cybersecurity threat in Enterprises With the ongoing COVID-19 scenario and various industries operating remotely, the increase in cyberattacks is notable. A study by the University of Maryland reveals that computers are attacked every 39 seconds on average.

Cybersecurity risks are skyrocketing rapidly across industries Recent years have witnessed a growing number of cyberattacks across distinct industries. It has prompted the cybersecurity industry to explore new approaches for security solutions that can ensure the protection of organizational assets. In

E-commerce security is about making sure that measures are taken to protect customers against cyber attacks. For an e-commerce website, it takes huge effort to be at the top list of customer’s choice. However, all the hard work could go in vain

How Effective is Blockchain in ensuring Cybersecurity? Blockchain technology is a structure that stores transactional records, also known as the block, of the public in several databases, known as the 'chain' in a network-connected through peer-to-peer nodes. The storage is generally

Existing barriers must be addressed for the security of the cloud platform amongst organizations.   Cyberattacks are a major challenge encountered by organizations while moving to the cloud-platforms. Over the past few years, the industry has witnessed an accelerated adoption of cloud

Why is the Gaming Industry New Favorite Amongst Cybercriminals?   Cybersecurity has evolved into a game of wits where hackers and defenders continue to outwit each other. But of late, hackers have found themselves gravitating to areas where exploited loopholes in cybersecurity can