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Robots are now an indispensable tool for many Businesses Robotics technology impacts each part of work and home. Robots today can possibly change lives and work practices, raise proficiency and security levels and give enhanced levels of service. Considerably more, robotics

Can Kiwi organizations successfully leverage AI to solve their pandemic woes? Artificial Intelligence is the defining technology that has the power to boost a nation to new heights. This holds true even for the Australia-Pacific region too. In New Zealand, companies

In May, a spike in the number of Ransomware operations was reported.   Over time, ransomware attacks have developed, adopting more stealthy and refined methods, while simultaneously fixing many of the implementation mistakes that previous cycles had. A few attacks are currently

Why is the Gaming Industry New Favorite Amongst Cybercriminals?   Cybersecurity has evolved into a game of wits where hackers and defenders continue to outwit each other. But of late, hackers have found themselves gravitating to areas where exploited loopholes in cybersecurity can

Tech Giant IBM plans to speed up Chemical Research through RoboRXN   Technology giant IBM recently launched a chemistry laboratory called RoboRXN, in the cloud. This system leverages deep learning algorithms, IBM's cloud, and robotic labs to automate the entire process and assist

IBM's Watson Assistant, with the integration of AI technology, will assist authorities with voters' election queries.   November 03, 2020. This is when the citizens of the United States of America (USA) will vote to choose their next President. On this day,

What are new skills that you need to 'Check' in your resume?   The current climate of COVID-19 brought us numerous changes in our lifestyle. These changes include maintaining social distancing, putting up a mask every time we step out, working from