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Computer Vision in Image Classification resolves certain challenges   In recent years, progress in computer vision has been astounding. Some computer vision frameworks accomplish 99% precision, and some run sufficiently on mobile phones. The present image classification models can distinguish assorted catalogues

Computer vision has a positive impact on the healthcare industry. It assists in timely diagnoses and efficient treatment of patients.   COVID-19 pandemic saw a spike in digitization and the use of AI in the field of healthcare. Technology aided and accelerated

Computer vision enables improved infrastructure and effective governance across smart cities.   Computer vision is a technology that enables the computer to analyze, see, and understand digital images and videos so that insightful information can be extracted to perform various processes. Like

University of Bristol and University of Manchester have found ways to improve AI cameras.   Today, security cameras use artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms to recognize different objects in the image, in real-time accurately. Some of these cameras can not only recognize movement but