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How can Blockchain Reshape the way We Vote? After gaining huge popularity and establishing market scope in the cryptocurrency and cybersecurity, Blockchain is set to revolutionize the voting system. Some expert advocates of Blockchain say it can increase voter access to

The supply chain is a complicated but well-figured source of developing revenue. After the outbreak of Covid-19, every sector got jeopardized as human-to-human contact got stopped. But the technology sector opened its door wide enough to let everyone in. And

Living at ease with the help of technology is not a luxury, but a necessity. Simplification of lengthy processes through emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is turning to be new normal. Humans everyday life is filled with high-end technical

Blockchain is hyped to be a solution to all our security concerns, yet it is still prone to malicious attacks by hackers. Blockchain has been hyped as a one-stop solution to all incompetent information processing systems. Even advocates of this distributed