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Go to these universities if you want to learn blockchain technology in India Blockchain and cryptocurrency degrees are generally pursued as a master’s course, however, some universities in India are providing integrated BTech programs that specialize in blockchain technology and crypto.   Here’s

Global Tech Outlook explores how blockchain technology can bridge gender inequality It is a well-known fact that blockchain technology has helped the cryptocurrency market to get popular owing to its utmost security, lowest transaction fee as well as millions of seamless

Global Tech Outlook has Selected the Top Block Chain Tools to be Used in 2021. Blockchain technology is an inspiring space with massive innovation potential. Blockchain tools not only simplify the process of Blockchain development but also help to strengthen the

Blockchain technology in digital gaming will create decentralised gaming systems   The gaming industry has been evolving for the last decade. People of our age remember playing Super Mario on a 16-bit gaming console and how this simplistic gaming industry has now

Ever since its emergence in World War II, nuclear weapons are posing a threat to countries across the globe Blockchain is a growing technology that prioritizes transparency and security of data over everything else. Blockchain is being adopted across various sectors in

Unlocking the features of blockchain database brings massive advancement to a civilization The advent of Blockchain as a real-world tech option in 2016 has brought many changes to the financial market. Some compare Blockchain change to the open-source software change that

How can Blockchain Reshape the way We Vote? After gaining huge popularity and establishing market scope in the cryptocurrency and cybersecurity, Blockchain is set to revolutionize the voting system. Some expert advocates of Blockchain say it can increase voter access to