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The crypto market is already tumbling and a Bitcoin murder is so not good news at this moment This woman hired a killer for murder and promised to pay by Bitcoin. Well, it is the last thing the crypto market currently

Since the month of July has been good to Ethereum and Bitcoin, let’s see what August holds for them Bitcoin, the largest crypto, reached US$24,000 on Friday hitting a fresh new high in July as it continues to follow the rising

Bitcoin can offer seamless transactions, but cannot offer political freedom to Palestine Bitcoin may provide a feeling of relief to the citizens of Palestine, but yes, a cryptocurrency cannot offer complete freedom from the political hold of any country in the

Killer robot dogs can now look for your Bitcoin tokens if you lose them! James Howells, a British man who mistakenly discarded a hard drive containing roughly 7,500 Bitcoin (BTC) in 2013, has reportedly started looking at having robots and humans

Selling off the Bitcoin holdings of Tesla decreased the price of Bitcoin to US$21k! BTC investors are trapped between crypto influencer, Elon Musk, and the crash of Bitcoin in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. On one hand, Elon is playing with

Bitcoin investors are now a part of the religion where Satoshi Nakamoto plays Jesus! Amidst the drastic crash of the most popular cryptocurrency in the volatile crypto market, Bitcoin (BTC) believers are surrounded by a belief that Bitcoin is a religion,

A second-time deep fall for Bitcoin is making the investors question their future investments This year has proven a difficult one for all cryptocurrencies after experiencing several all-time highs in 2021. But particularly the year 2022 has seen plummets, plunges, and