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AI technology lives from a multitude of data. The more data there is, the more effectively AI systems can develop and learn. In order for AI systems to reach their full potential, they have to be able to handle the

Imagine a Computer Predicting if you’d Buy Rothko or Monet When you have a painting with brush strokes and an artistic Landscape, which one would you choose? Umm, tough question right, well, imagine a computer predicting your future choice, predicting your

Java, as a technology, has been serving the internet for a long time. Be it back-end or front-end development, Java and its technology have acted as a boon for all the developers. For at least the coming ten years, Java

Fraudsters have properly exploited the Covid pandemic chaos but Artificial Intelligence can help.   Covid-19 has flowed through each aspect of our lives, and society and business have effectively paid a gigantic cost to limit its flow. We will feel the consequence

What is semi-supervised machine learning and how will it help in data classification to derive insights?   Machine learning is an integral part of automation and digital transformation. AI-driven technologies use it extensively to analyse and predict insights. Machine learning algorithms are

How Big Data is Stimulating Profits of the Online Casino Industry This is the era where data science becomes crucial for any industry to boom. Specifically, big data provides marketers unmatched data regarding their customers. The possibility of easily recording, tracking,

What Is Data Visualization? Here’s How It Can Help You   The word “Big Data” has been thrown around often nowadays. For those in the know, this technology can allow a company to aggregate all sorts of information about client/customer activity, and