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Here are the insights concerning the Metaverse’s impact on the Eventual fate of Work We've all heard of the "metaverse," which is a virtual world with millions of users worldwide. Yet, how is it that this could influence the eventual fate

Augmented reality gaming may be something you’ve heard of, and it was likely when people were hyped about the Pokemon Go game that had people running around cities trying to capture augmented reality Pokemon. If you played that game or are

Augmented reality now helps treat and improve ASD AR is an innovation where digital data (pictures, sound, text) is superimposed on this present reality, either with cell phones or headsets and glasses. Augmented Reality is arising as a promising innovation to

It is going to be a decade since AR Applications entered the mainstream market, yet why didn’t they take off Among the most significant trends in technology, augmented reality rightfully takes a leading position. With more than one billion users expected

  While COVID-19 continues to play out an unprecedented upheaval across the globe, businesses will need to tune up technologies to bring some semblance of order to uncertainty, complexity and to rethink and reboot their digital strategies. Mr. Padmanabhan Iyer, Managing

Computer vision has a positive impact on the healthcare industry. It assists in timely diagnoses and efficient treatment of patients.   COVID-19 pandemic saw a spike in digitization and the use of AI in the field of healthcare. Technology aided and accelerated

The automotive industry is adopting augmented and virtual reality to provide consumers with advancements.   As technology intrudes automotive industry, peoples’ expectation for advanced travel vehicles keeps increasing. Consumers demand to be offered with a plethora of options in almost every segment.