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Project December: A terrifying AI tool lets you bring the dead back to life for just US$10 Artificial intelligence has evolved in today's world with enormous capabilities and the new development in technology-Project December proves that. AI Tool imitates dead people

AI has made a unique attempt to keep the legendary Darth Vader’s voice alive in the future Darth Vader voice actor James Earl Jones is determined to call it quits from the Star Wars franchise. The actor is worldwide famous for

Meet Loab, the most terrifying face revolving around the internet that AI created as a cryptid art Mysteries and the internet have gone hand in hand since the latter’s utilization was popularized in the mid to late 90s. At present, the

Technical skills and data literacy are crucial in this age of AI, big data and automation. As the world is venturing into the fourth industrial revolution, in which artificial intelligence and robots might take up most of the jobs, there

All of us are quite familiar with the word influencer these days. Social media platforms are starlight with such people. However, now we also have something called AI influencers. While humans are probably still many years away from walking among

How ‘Lord of the Rings is playing with AI to change on-screen battles forever The rise of artificial intelligence will make most people prosperous over the next decade. That means machines will have the ability to mimic human intelligence. Like many

This conspiracy theory about AI robots killing 29 Japanese scientists has gone viral. In this era of AI, the internet has a hunger for nothing more than a good conspiracy theory, and now there’s a new one to rank top on