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The pandemic saw an increase in sales and profits of many companies across the globe. Apple is one among them. The company observed a phenomenal increase in iPhone sales especially in China. All this has led to doubling the profits

A Reuters report suggests that Apple is working on commercial self-driving cars   Apple, the tech giant that surprises customers with its sudden launch of new products is now on a race to make autonomous cars. A recent Reuters report unraveled the internal content

AI chips are microprocessors that are specifically designed to process AI tasks faster, using less power.   In the era of modern technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a revolutionary change in every sector. When we take autonomous cars, smartphones, electronic devices, or

Apple unveils new Mac chip M1, replacing its Intel-powered Mac systems   The M1 features 8 CPU cores -- 4 high-performance cores and 4 low-power cores -- and up to 8 GPU cores, along with a 16-core AI co-processor, an image processor,

Why are companies adopting Differential Privacy Algorithms?   In the 21st century, privacy has become a great luxury. We are familiar that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are increasingly infiltrating our personal and social interactions to collect vast

Game developers believe that AR will be the dominant immersive technology   Apple is well known for its quiet moves. The company has made the world believe in the secret more when it acquired Spaces, a developer of location-based VR experience that recently

Understanding how voice search came into existence and what are the challenges it faces currently. Currently, we live in the age of seismic technological shifts of the 21st century. From Facial Recognition unlock to voice search to electric cars by Tesla,