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Singapore is using AI to accelerate its Tourism Industry Singapore is gradually reopening its borders after months of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak. As Singapore's tourism industry contributes about 4% to its economy, it hopes that artificial intelligence can

Why do we need 6G Networks? While half of the globe is still wondering how long it will take to have access to 5G networks and what it could mean to the lives and economies, a bunch of telecommunications researchers is

How Microsoft Created Whiskey using Artificial Intelligence?   Whisky (or whiskey) has been a popular drink among the masses. Some of the popular choices include Grain Whisky, Rye Whiskey, Blended Whisky (containing both Single Malt Whisky and Grain Whisky), Single Malt Whisky, and Blended Malt Whisky.

In Q1, human moderators eliminated only 5 million videos which is less than that by AI   The pandemic has brought more automation into almost all sectors. Employees started working from home and patched the gap that company revues made. However, Google-owned

Why chatbots form an integral part of Work from Home culture?   As the world grapples in the ongoing fight against COVID-19, the industrial organizations are also struggling to engage with their distant workforce. As companies shifted their labor force to work

 For the business to generate maximum revenue and increase performance during the pandemic, applying the tenants of augmented analytics and artificial intelligence becomes imperative.    The global pandemic outbreak is observed as a sweeping force that has potentially ravaged all institutes and

The debate about importance of AI in our lives may never end. However there are ways in which AI is augmenting human life and vice versa.   We are aware that AI has the power to transform our lives forever. AI is