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Instagram is using AI to unravel the users’ ages and here’s why it is an extremely creepy technology Instagram is testing new ways to verify its youngest users' ages, by including artificial intelligence that analyzes a photo and estimates how old

With just a single technology, i.e., AI, tech enthusiasts can create brand new terrifying monsters Crungus hails straight from the depths of AI hell. Up until a few days ago, no one was aware that this beast even existed. Guy Kelly,

This new AI tool will utilize your thoughts and imaginations to make your picture a creative masterpiece! We won't require the ‘help’ feature for much longer in editing applications. Computer and digital devices can now automatically intervene if it detects a

Get ready to listen to creepy and haunting songs from an AI model invented by the Idaho State University Yes, you have read it right--- an AI Song Contest! The constant advancements in the innovations of cutting-edge technologies including voice technology

You might encounter violin-playing robots, but AI sentience is far from reality  It was quite intriguing when a Google worker had been suspended after he stated that an AI application developed by the tech giant had attained ‘Sentience’. Years ago, in

China is definitely preparing for a space war, either with aliens or humans, using the benefits of AI A Chinese researcher has developed an artificial intelligence system that directed three small satellites to 'approach and capture' high-value targets thousands of times

AI is bringing Shakespeare and Wilde back to life, elevating ‘sentience’ to new levels William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde are long dead and so is the literature created by them. ButAI’s march towards acquiring ‘almost anything’ includes a recent effort to