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Twitter slams AI scientists who shared racist video changing Halle Bailey's Ariel from ‘black’ to ‘white’ AI technology has generated sweeping transformations across industries over the past couple of decades. It is disrupting industries like travel and hospitality while promptly transforming

China's new AI art tool censors words that portray political activism and revolution While AI experts don't concur on many things, they all accord on one thing artificial intelligence technology is revolutionizing our society and businesses. Today, we are surrounded by

India, September 14th, 2022– iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, today announced the appointment of Rajsekhar Aikat as its new Chief Technology & Product Officer. Rajsekhar joins iMerit from Qualcomm, where he was Senior Director of Product Management. “We’re excited

Meet Loab, the most terrifying face revolving around the internet that AI created as a cryptid art Mysteries and the internet have gone hand in hand since the latter’s utilization was popularized in the mid to late 90s. At present, the

Influencer marketing is not an unknown phenomenon. For years, small and large-scale brands have used influencers to promote their brands on social media platforms and reach generations of customers. Influencer marketing has become a driving force behind communication strategies for

All of us are quite familiar with the word influencer these days. Social media platforms are starlight with such people. However, now we also have something called AI influencers. While humans are probably still many years away from walking among

How ‘Lord of the Rings is playing with AI to change on-screen battles forever The rise of artificial intelligence will make most people prosperous over the next decade. That means machines will have the ability to mimic human intelligence. Like many