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AI-powered space station is on the way. Presently, AI is being used in almost every industry on earth and now it's time for it to go to space. Russia's new space station will operate autonomously to a large extent, using artificial

Learning AI and data science can now be fun. Make learning fun for your kids. Here are the top games that teach AI and Data science to the kids the way they should be taught.   Machine Learning for Kids Machine learning for

AI is leveraging medical and health industries. Artificial intelligence (AI), is intensely affecting numerous ventures. Artificial intelligence applications in medical care can in a real sense completely change patients, further developing diagnostics and therapy and aiding patients and medical care suppliers

Global Tech Outlook features how ML and AI are driving next-gen antivirus for cybersecurity Different types of cyberattacks have been happening in the tech-driven world due to the sudden emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019. The numbers of cyber-criminals are

AI is used for cybersecurity threat detection and mitigation; it also poses a risk as hackers utilize it as well. This trend security issues in this fast pace world are gaining momentum and recent surveys show alarming stats where the ransomware

Global Tech Outlook provides top essential AI data management apps to avail in 2021 Data-driven culture has instigated organizations to process accurate methods for data management across the world. It is overwhelming for organizations to receive enormous volumes of complicated structured,

Global Tech Outlook presents to you the list of top 10 female AI influencers of 2021. Beyoncé has motivated the feminine world with her most popular lyrics, “Who run the world? Girls.” Yes, women are overcoming barriers and have started entering