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5G plays a vital role in ensuring public security. 5G is a fifth-generation wireless technology that brings three new things to the table: wider channels (speed), lower latency (responsiveness), and more bandwidth (the ability to connect a lot more devices at

Global Tech Outlook presents a list of the Top 5G Stocks to Look out for in 2021. The entire mobile networking future, is now on wheels with the entry of 5G technology. From 1G, that arrived in the 1980s alongside the very

Global Tech Outlook has listed the top companies who are at the front line of 5G research and services. Services Ericsson Ericsson is one of the biggest 5G service providers. Their radio system enables migration from existing 4G LTE networks to 5G

Edge and IoT are more than just good partners as they are likely to become increasingly reliant on one another. In the midst of the Internet of Things' massive growth, edge computing aims to solve cloud computing complexities. Edge computing solves

6G: Have we reached 5G maturity? Are we close to there yet?   6G – as the name suggests – is the sixth generation of mobile connectivity. While 6G is touted to be a successor to 5G, some experts believe, it may actually

A 5G-integrated virtual emotion detection system based on AI has been developed by researchers that recognize human emotions using wireless signals and movement patterns Can you think of a world in which machines perceive people's emotional conditions and adjust their actions

Intel and Google Cloud today announced a collaboration to develop telco cloud reference architectures and integrated solutions for communication service providers to accelerate 5G deployment across multiple network and edge locations. The partnership spans three main areas focused on: Accelerating