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The new Snapdragon 888, will power Android Flagships of 2021.   Qualcomm has been a leader in Android phone processors for quite some time. So it is obvious that the expectations from the Snapdragon 888, its latest flagship chip, are high. This top-tier SoC

BT to trial for 5G quantum security in the UK Recently, BT announced teaming up with Cambridge University spin-out Nu-Quantum and other university partners, research & technology organizations (RTOs), and a group of UK-based quantum technology start-ups on a project to

How the market dynamics of Edge will transform in the coming months?   Edge computing is deemed as the new cloud. Thanks to deployments of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G fast wireless, placing compute and analytics close to where data

With technology, the transformation in the Telecommunication sector will prove lucrative to data operators and customers  The telecommunication industry around the world is facing a transformation. With the advent of 5G network, the possibility of fast and effective connectivity is gaining

How 5G and Cloud will change the Robotics Landscape in recent times?   It is said that Leonardo da Vinci had experimented with robotics during the Renaissance when he designed a mechanical lion to impress the King of France. Today, because of

The Telecom industry is currently witnessing growth at a snail's pace. With poor returns values, failure in collecting revenues by operators, things are quite grim for the telecom market. However, this will change when 5G enters the market scene and