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Sygitech Solutions: Embarking a New Era for Long Term Technology Solutions

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Sygitech Solutions

Sygitech Solutions: Embarking a New Era for Long Term Technology Solutions

Sygitech Solutions is a managed IT services company, which boasts to simplify, optimize and transform the needs in managed IT infrastructure services across different verticals. With the deep domain knowledge of experts, the company leverages the power of open-source technologies to design robust and high-performance solutions for several start-ups and brands including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, travel, music, and manufacturing.


A Journey to Provide Comprehensive Services

Sygitech was started to bridge the gaps in services prevailing among different providers. The company works towards a one-stop shop for all IT needs. Whether design, application development, automation, implementation, IT security services, or looking for IT consultancy for a cloud journey, Sygitech has all services customized to meet client needs.


Few among its offerings include:

  1. Managed IT services

– Design and implementation of IT infrastructure

– Database management and performance tuning

  1. Development Services

– Web application development

– Android and IOS app development

  1. IT Consultants

– Cost optimization of IT spends – up to 30%

– Infrastructure security, data protection and access management review

– Disaster management and business continuity planning

  1. Migration Services

– Application migration

– Infrastructure migration for on-premises/cloud


A Proficient Leader

Initially, Aniruddh Singh the Founder and CEO of Sygitech Solutions, along with his wife (Amita Singh), managed to get clients through references and then started building a team and trained them. They have helped people learn, within the team as well as the clients’ team. They have built customized solutions for multiple companies which resulted in significant improvement in the overall performance of the product and the team as well. They make the product and infrastructure highly available and scalable and also strive to solve the problems in minutes, not in hours or days.

Being a challenge seeker, the whole journey of Sygitech gave Aniruddh the toughest challenge of his life. Aniruddh started alone and then gradually got connected with like-minded people to join him. He felt extremely lucky as everyone contributed to their best capacity. In the last 4+ years, he has experienced most of it, from demonetization, global slow down to the Covid pandemic. The positive side of it was that the company still survived and made profits year on year. This year changed the growth dynamics of the company and it is now growing by 200-400%


Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud

Sygitech with around 40+ customer base at present and over 150+ successful projects across the globe has emerged to be one of the companies that partners with customers from different domains and sizes. It caters to large enterprises a well as small-scale industries to accompany them in their digital transformation journey.

Consultancy services have significantly reduced IT spends for customers and optimized their overall system performance. Multiple companies have registered their presence in the internet space with mobile app development services. Migration services have enabled the company’s on-premises customers to shift the entire workload to the cloud and sustain businesses during Covid times. With the recent increase in security threats and employees working from home, Sygitech has given ample focus on endpoint security, data protection, and access mechanisms. These now come bundled with every service it has to offer. These practices have led to cost-effective, reliable, and easily scalable solutions that are tailored to meet customer’s expectations.


Disruptive Technologies Leading to Multiple Innovations

According to Aniruddh, be it AI, big data, ML, augmented reality or headless tech, these superior technologies with attributes of sweeping away the existing way systems work have led to multiple quick innovations. Cloud computing gives a head start for any such technology in terms of scale, flexibility, computing resources, and availability. As in the olden days, automobiles made a change in how people commute by changing the habits of travel, cloud computing with virtually no boundaries on usage and availability has led to speed in execution of tasks in all domains, be it science, medicine, 3D space, robotics or connectivity. Cloud computing has opened a plethora of as-a-service platforms that have reduced the necessity of owning and managing such technologies and enabled to focus only on product innovation. This has allowed companies to move upstream quickly over time and capture more customer segments with their innovation, bringing change to the entire domain.


Employee Trust and Workplace Performance

Aniruddh believes that freedom to present ideas, work-life balance, work from anywhere policy, employee trust, and ample space to plan and execute are all the attributes that drive innovation at Sygitech. The company emphasizes collaboration, trust, and empowerment among employees.

Sygitech is a premium partner of E2E Networks for cloud services. It helps their customers to easily set up and maintain cloud workloads. It has migrated multiple clients in different costly cloud providers to E2E cloud which is quite cost-effective with no compromise on performance.


Overcoming the Major Challenges

Just like any other company, Sygitech also faced many challenges. While establishing a company, the first challenge is to create an identity for the brand. Managing funds, hiring the right people, and winning the confidence of the customers is another set of challenges. It has been lucky for the company to get many customers through references which helped it to acquire more clients. However, the key was quality of delivery and its dedication to helping customers beyond the defined scope.

Covid brought new challenges as well as new opportunities. The company embraced itself to use new opportunities to expand the business further. At the same time, it helped many companies in their digital transformation journey.


Notable Awards and Achievements

In the year 2018, the company received the TECHTORS award from BW Business world. It was recognized as one of the top 20 Cloud Consultants by CIO Review magazines in the year 2020. The company’s Founder and CEO, Aniruddh Singh was featured in The Enterprise World among the top 10 leaders in the software and IT field for 2021. Its customers have dropped their feedback at


A Glimpse to the Future

Aniruddh feels that it is the right time to adopt technological advancements in each industry domain. Some conventional industries were untouched by emerging technologies and the pandemic has shifted its focus towards incorporating such change to keep services available. The trend towards cloud adoption has been significant.

Sygitech receives around 100+ queries weekly on cloud adoption and enabling employees for remote work. It has witnessed a sea change in how enterprises have started focusing more on security now and ensuring that they have business continuity planning in place. Regular backup, recovery, and restoration exercises are being performed. IT consultancy and managed services will complement these demands and many domains are untapped and need penetration with such services. It is expected for the company to grow by 10 to 20 times every successive year and more once the pandemic constraints settle down.