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  /  Latest News   /  Star Wars or World War! China’s New AI is Definitely Gearing Up for Something Big
Star Wars or World War! China’s New AI is Definitely Gearing Up for Something Big

Star Wars or World War! China’s New AI is Definitely Gearing Up for Something Big

China is definitely preparing for a space war, either with aliens or humans, using the benefits of AI

A Chinese researcher has developed an artificial intelligence system that directed three small satellites to ‘approach and capture’ high-value targets thousands of times as an experiment. According to reports, with the help of the role of AI in space, a targeted spacecraft can learn to detect the approaching threat and activate powerful thrusters to avoid the pursuit. The AI system deviates from its original path as if they were abandoning the pursuit, resulting in a trap for the satellites. 

Critics and tech analysts believe China is preparing for a possible ‘real-life’ Star Wars scenario. A Chinese researcher claims to have developed AI technology capable of tracking and capturing satellites. This AI technology has mastered the art of deception. While it may not appear to be a big deal, if true, this is a scientific breakthrough in artificial intelligence training. This technology could allow China to execute pinpoint captures of an enemy or other rogue satellites. 


China develops AI technology that can hunt and capture satellites

In the artificial intelligence experiment, an AI technology took command of three small satellites and began hunting and capturing targets. The experiment has been repeated thousands of times. While this would be incredible in and of itself, the artificial intelligence was able to abandon pursuit mid-mission and re-target the object almost instantly, demonstrating deception capabilities. This AI system is highly advanced in its nature to capture and destroy rogue satellites. 

In one of the experiments, the satellites rerouted themselves mid-capture, giving the impression of leaving the target satellite alone, and within less than 10 meters, one of the hunter satellites changed direction and captured the target. This whole pursuit was nothing short of a Star Wars-style chase sequence. This innovation is incredible, according to the study’s lead scientist, Dang Zhaohui, a professor of astronautics at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an.

The researchers also stated that chasing and capturing a target in space is not as simple as many people believe. Many previous studies assumed that the process was merely a mathematical equation and not a strategy because the targets were assumed to be large, dumb, and blind. However, since most countries protect their valuable surveillance and security satellites with warning sensors and AI technology, the alleged ‘space war’ may resemble a cat-and-mouse game. The study also stated that attacking other satellites, particularly early satellites, is frequently thought to be a precursor to nuclear wars.

It is unknown whether this technology will be used as a defense mechanism or an aggressor at this time. But, if the study is to be believed, the world is rapidly moving in the direction of a Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader, space-hide-and-seek, a type of terror becoming a reality.