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Squawking Chickens will Tell You if They are Sick and AI is Here to Listen

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Squawking Chickens will Tell You if They are Sick and AI is Here to Listen

Squawking Chickens will Tell You if They are Sick and AI is Here to Listen

AI with automation and voice technology can enhance the standard of living of chicks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has started focusing on animal welfare including poultry farms in recent times. Farmers can leverage AI for its voice technology with a deep learning tool known as a bird-brained bot to gain information regarding baby chicks and chickens on their farms. AI can help to detect squawking chickens and get them out of distress by enhancing their health or physical conditions. The bird-brained bot is developed for the well-being of squawking chickens by listening to them carefully. The deep learning tool with the integrated voice technology can help to determine their issues and happiness with their squawking patterns.

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The Combination of Squawking Chickens and AI

The bird-brained bot can be available to farmers for the better welfare of poultry animals within five years. AI can differentiate the difference in their voices with advanced voice technology. The deep learning tool offers around 97% accuracy to farmers for focusing on distressed calls. This development with an AI-based bird-brained bot can dramatically enhance the standards of poultry farming with chickens. Squawking chickens will not be too hard to manage for beginners in this profession.

We know that chickens are highly vocal to express their feelings. It is known to farmers that squawking chickens are much louder than normal chickens after having a deep understanding of their behavioral patterns. The combination of AI and deep learning tool can be highly beneficial for small flocks of chickens since the voice technology in the bird-brained bot efficiently and effectively understands their needs. The AI model cannot still work properly for huge commercial flocks of chickens.

The bird-brained bot is trained with different varieties of distressed noises from chickens to seamlessly identify those squawking chickens. The deep learning tool is equipped with a recording machine to reduce the distressing conditions of a chicken and improve the standard of living efficiently. Automation from AI can automatically detect and count the signals of distress from squawking chickens. The voice technology in the deep learning tool can help to save the lives of chickens and drive profit to farmers.

Squawking chickens or baby chicks yell distress calls with a very high pitch and repetitive chirps to gain the attention of either the mother hen or the owner. Farmers are facing difficulties in identifying a distressed chickens, if they are in an uncomfortable ecosystem, hungry, sick, or socially isolated.

Thus, the group of researchers at the City University of Hong Kong has recorded the chicken vocalizations at one of the major poultry producers known as Lingfeng Poultry Ltd in Guangxi province, China. They transformed all the necessary and relevant data into sound pictures known as spectrograms for training purposes through the deep learning tool.

That being said, advancements in AI have improved the ability to assess the emotions of chickens to enhance their standard of living. The bird-brained bot has dramatically shifted the focus of farmers from taking care of physical health to mental health also. The voice technology and other sensor technologies can measure and quantify different emotions to take care of poultry animals and promote animal welfare.