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  /  Latest News   /  Snapchat’s Flying Camera Might Make it the Next Social Media King!

Snapchat’s Flying Camera Might Make it the Next Social Media King!

Let’s see how Snapchat’s flying camera Pixy is winning the hearts of social media fanatics!

Snapchat made a drone called Pixy. Snapchat’s flying camera literally fits in the palm of your hand and can capture high-resolution videos and photos. It is described by the company as a “free-flying sidekick” which can help people take selfies without a selfie stick. Snap Pixy is a portable flying camera that enables users to create Snaps from a new perspective. The gadget is available in France and the US, where the laws are more lenient around the use of drones than in the UK.

The Little Yellow Drone

With the help of Snap Pixy, Snapchat users can capture creative third-person photographs and videography as the flying camera hovers near the user and records footage. It came at a time when online entertainment monsters are moving toward forwarding their tech equipment and augmented reality contributions.

Pixy is available online for US$230, it’s small and light enough to fit in a pant pocket. The Pixy operates on its own, taking video as it flies, which is then wirelessly transferred and saved in the app. There isn’t a regulator; it takes off from and lands on an outstretched palm, and it utilizes six pre-modified flight designs that are available through a dial on the highest point of the gadget.

It is designed to support creators who want to produce original content autonomously, using alternative viewpoints. This flying camera, with its yellow body the size of the center of your hand and gauging around a pound, can catch 2.7k recordings at up to 30 FPS and take 12-megapixel photographs.

There are high expectations for Pixy, as robots are progressively embraced by industry and the overall population. This smaller-than-normal yellow robot with a camera is like a different gadget. However, interestingly, it has entered the line-up of a significant-tech organization. It ought to likewise be viewed that Snap’s experiences ended up finding success previously.