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  /  cryptocurrency   /  Shiba Inu Gold Bars are Redirecting Crypto Investors to Hard Assets
Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Gold Bars are Redirecting Crypto Investors to Hard Assets

Now it is time for crypto investors to focus on gold! Shiba Inu investors are first in line.

Precious metals dealer APMEX has worked out a way to draw crypto enthusiasts towards hard money sources such as gold. The recent listing includes a gold bar that carries the face of the infamous Shiba Inu dog, known to millions of investors worldwide.

The gold coin is being sold for US$2,048.69 apiece but carries a discount pricing for customers who are purchasing them in bundles, also carrying different pricing depending on the mode of payment the customer chooses.

The website does not only offer gold coins carrying the Shiba Inu logo but others with easily recognizable crypto projects. These include Shiba Inu’s fiercest rival, Dogecoin, pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum. All of these carry the option of paying with either traditional methods or paying with cryptocurrencies.


Crypto Users Moving To Hard Money?

It would not be a surprise to see crypto investors move from digital assets like Shiba Inu and Bitcoin to other physical forms of money like gold. One of the foremost characteristics of cryptocurrencies is how wildly volatile they can be. While this volatility can cause investors to make a lot of profit in a short time, it can also see them losing significant sums of money in a short time period too.

So while these hard money alternatives like gold may not promise large returns like their digital counterparts, they offer a more ‘stable’ way to accumulate returns for investment. Thus, crypto investors who are looking to spread their risks and maybe take on fewer risks than those associated with the crypto market may easily move to investments like gold. And what’s more? Get a gold coin with the symbol of the preferred cryptocurrencies etched onto them.

Alternatively, the crypto gold coins could also serve as a souvenir of sorts for investors. Not only do they get to keep a gold coin that appreciates over time, hence providing a return on investment, but they also have an everlasting symbol of the cryptocurrencies that they support