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Scared of Loneliness? Baidu's AI Companions Might Just Become Your Best Friends!

Scared of Loneliness? Baidu’s AI Companions Might Just Become Your Best Friends!

Meet Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou, the two AI companions that could be the solution to our loneliness!

Don’t you want someone close by to calm your nerves and say the right things when you’re down and out? However, for many, finding the “right” person is difficult. Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou are two of Baidu’s solutions for them. You may be wondering who they are. They’re virtual pals who’ve taken China by storm. We live in a digital world where almost everything is at our fingertips. On the other hand, it is extremely competitive, stressful, and lacks the time to look back. This has left many of us lonely, always looking for but never finding someone to confide in. AI-powered virtual humans could be the solution to this problem, which affects millions of people worldwide. Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, has introduced male and female companion-oriented virtual humans named Lin Kaikai and Ye Youyou. They are based on the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) model, dubbed ‘Plato,’ which has been trained on over 10 billion variables from social media conversations in English and Chinese. Lin and Ye are both attractive and capable of human-like conversation and emotional support.

Lin and Ye can provide online AI companionship 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to communicate with them through text messages, voice messages, and emoticons. The companion-centric AIpowered virtual humans are expected to relieve users’ stress and anxiety caused by the fast-paced and lonely urban lifestyle. They will meet people’s emotional communication needs. Lin and Ye aren’t the only products available in China’s rapidly expanding virtual human market. According to a QbitAI report, the industry will be worth US$40 billion by 2030. China’s deteriorating mental health has proven to be the primary motivator behind AI companionship Several other technology companies have entered the fray to develop their own emotional companion for people.

iaoice is an excellent example of an AI-powered virtual chatbot that is redefining the concepts of romance and relationships among Chinese youth. It enables users to create their own virtual ‘friends’ and interact with them in an immersive interactive environment. Xiaoice has provided comfort to over 17 million people in China. A large proportion of them is children.