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  /  Latest News   /  Salty Lemon or Pepper Flavour? Google is Distributing Pixel-Themed Potato Chips!
Salty Lemon or Pepper Flavour? Google is Distributing Pixel-Themed Potato Chips!

Salty Lemon or Pepper Flavour? Google is Distributing Pixel-Themed Potato Chips!

Eat limited edition potato chips presented by Google and wait for the amazing new Pixel series

Google is planning to announce its new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in early October, this year (i.e. 6 October). To make the wait more exciting for the event, Google has offered some interesting titbits trending up to the date, like the name of its next-generation processor, the Tensor G2, and giving us a better look at its colors.

But for Google Pixel fans in Japan, things appear to get a bit more interesting, as it feels like Google has announced offering official Pixel 7-themed potato chips to 2,000 fortunate winners. As can be witnessed from the image, the case is carefully designed to resemble the Pixel 7 smartphones, even promoting its unique camera visor. The promotion will present four different flavors of chips coinciding with the formal colors of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The four different flavors are Snow Cheese, Hazel Onion, Salty Lemon, and Obsidian Pepper. The official Pixel 7 Pro colors that will be presented are Snow, Hazel, and Obsidian. For the Pixel 7, there is an option to choose from Snow and Obsidian, but also contains the choice for Lemongrass.

If you are based in Japan or you have someone residing in the country, you might wish to enter or have conveyed that person enter on your behalf. The Google Pixel promotion is open for a limited time, celebrating from September 13 until September 23. For lucky people, if you are a winner, you will be shipped a set of chips to enjoy. The first set will be shipped out by the end of September, while the next batch will be shipped during the beginning of October. For entering, there is a requirement to submit your name, nickname, address, email address, and lastly a phone number. You will also need to provide consent that you are entering the promotion and agreeing to Google’s terms and conditions. For those entering, wishing good luck.

2021 was a successful year for big tech Google’s Pixel smartphones as it saw the chipsets upgraded from Qualcomm Snapdragon to Google’s own Tensor chips, added with a radical re-design. So, what will 2022 bring to the world of Pixel? There won’t be any changes quite so drastic – even Google has mentioned that the design is staying about the same – but we’re still hoping for a few key upgrades across the two phones.