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  /  Latest News   /  Robotify to enable Indian students to Code Virtual Robots

Robotify to enable Indian students to Code Virtual Robots

Backed by Enterprise Ireland (Govt. of Ireland), Robotify explores the Indian market

The EdTech company aims at creating a user base of Over 100,000 students in India by 2021

Robotify, an Irish virtual robotics education company, backed by Enterprise Ireland is to rapidly expand its user base in India in 2021 through strong partnerships. Robotify is on a mission to provide equitable and accessible coding and robotics education to millions of students in India over the coming months and years. The edtech company is aspiring to be one of the leading choices in K-12 coding education within schools in India by 2023.

Robotify has a range of products to offer in the Indian market. In 2020, Robotify partnered with an exciting Indian educational robotics company called Avishkaar to develop a virtual Indian Robotics Championship.  More recently, Robotify has partnered with a fast growing education company; eVidyalaya Eductech Systems, to bring Robotify to schools across India.

Adam Dalton, CEO of Robotify on exploring the Indian market says, “Robotify is really excited to expand its user base into the education market in India. It’s our mission to make STEM and robotics more accessible and more affordable for every child around the world. When it comes to teaching students how to code, we aspire to be one of the leading choices for schools across India by 2023.”

The edtech company is also working with the European Space Agency (ESA) on a product called ‘Simbotify’. The contract with ESA will see Robotify provide robotic simulations for businesses in the agriculture, oil and natural resources, large infrastructure, and freight and remote testing sectors using real-time satellite imagery from the Sentinel 1 and 2 satellites that orbit Earth.

Enterprise Ireland helped Robotify understand the Indian education system and made relevant connections in the K-12 space for edtech. Enterprise Ireland also introduced the edtech company to possible partners who could help them make inroads into the Indian and South Asian market.

Abhinav Bhatia, Director of Enterprise Ireland, India and South Asia commented, “The Indian market has witnessed many edtech products being launched in the past few years, with a lot of VC money coming into the startups. More and more jobs will become automated in the coming decades, and our next generation would benefit if they pick up skills like coding and robotics. Robotify makes learning these skills fun and engaging for students. I anticipate the demand for such products will continue to rise in India and South Asia.

Robotify products are aimed at students and educators in the K-12 space looking to learn about coding and robotics. The edtech company aims to engage children with 100+ hours of guided coding curriculum content and they make it easy for the educator to deliver lessons with their purpose built teacher dashboard.

Highlighting on Enterprise Ireland’s backing to Robotify, Abhinav adds, “Enterprise Ireland is an investor in Robotify, and with our strong connections in India, we have helped Robotify navigate the process of entering the market. Apart from that, we are constantly promoting the edtech startup to gain more visibility and be noticed by the right partners to help accelerate the company to grow its reach.”

Robotify’s educational content enables children to learn to code robots and prepares them for the automation-driven workplace of the future. The Robotify courses are developed to US Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards and has been selected by US leading single sign-on education platform Clever as a ‘Clever for Startups’ preferred technology partner for its 78,000 US schools.


About Robotify:

Started by co-founders, Adam Dalton (CEO) and Evan Darcy (CTO), Robotify was developed with a mission to make coding and robotics more affordable and more accessible to students across the globe.

Coding is best taught through robotics, however it is very expensive to obtain and then maintain robots. Robotify created a virtual solution with their in-browser platform that teaches kids to code through virtual robots in extraordinary environments. Students can explore the ocean with underwater ROV submarines or explore planet Mars with drones. Robotify teaches kids aged 7-17 how to code using virtual robotics in a fun and engaging way.

The platform is also extremely teacher friendly with an abundance of educator resources, from virtual classroom dashboards, to integration with Google Classroom, as well as providing educators with a teacher training course. Upon successful completion of this course, educators will become Robotify Teacher Trained and will  receive a certificate through the Accredible system that they can add to their LinkedIn accounts.

Robotify has some exciting products that will be released soon, here is the link to watch their first educator focused Product Showcase of 2021:


About Enterprise Ireland:

Enterprise Ireland, an Irish government organization that is responsible for venture capital investments and export development for Irish enterprises in world markets. It manages a direct investment portfolio of more than 1,200 clients with an investment value exceeding $850m and global revenue exceeding $21bn.

Enterprise Ireland works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets.

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