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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Reshaping the Enterprise with AI Adoption in 2021
Adopting AI

Reshaping the Enterprise with AI Adoption in 2021

Amidst the pandemic, enterprises have experienced a surge in AI adoption in 2021 for efficient workflow.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the scope of digital transformation around the world.  Digital transformation created an explosion of real-time data due to a surge in online consumer behaviour. Leveraging huge, multiple sets of data with potential business insights is a daunting task for any enterprise. Thus, adopting AI-based algorithms and machine learning systems have relieved the enterprises in dealing with consumer trends and problems. Adopting AI has benefitted enterprises with certain tools and software to derive valuable business insights through a rapid decision-making process.

The main objective of any enterprise is to escalate customer engagement with better customer satisfaction. How should the enterprise manage to maintain this brand status in the competitive market? The simple solution is adopting AI tech-based machines and let the algorithms calculate the statistics for the enterprise. Enterprise analytics needs an effective business strategy and supply of real-time data to generate market reports and comparisons against the competitors. Hence, this robust architecture of enterprise analytics is expensive to invest in and also critical for the long-term success of the enterprise.

Adopting AI is reshaping the matured enterprise with its self-service mechanics, data visualisation tools, hyper-personalised algorithms, predictions, recommendations and the rate of speed in solving critical barriers without any human intervention. Consumers are exposed to AI-based practices in their everyday life such as Alexa, Siri, voice recognition apps, Netflix/ Amazon movie recommendations, chatbots, online shopping and banking apps and so on.


Let’s look at three impacts of adopting AI on the enterprise in 2021

  1. Sophisticated HR: Adopting AI reduces the operation cost of the enterprise as well as the IT cost. The human resource becomes compact and ready to be used in other departments simultaneously with the AI mechanics. The back-end duties can be performed by AI to persuade the consumers or the potential users regarding new launches of products and service offerings. The easy accessible to AI for non-skilled labours has reduced the dependency on the IT sector.
  2. Better quality of data visualisation tools: Enterprise depends on a large-scale supply of real-time data, which ensures insights on market trends and competitors analysis in recent times. Post-pandemic, there is a sudden surge in data supply, which has made it difficult for the enterprise to maintain brand loyalty in the minds of the consumers With the help of updated data visualisation tools, the enterprises have successfully generated better quality of financial or statistical reports to predict a better future.
  • Quest for better customer satisfaction: Adopting AI is in hot trend for various sectors across the world, especially post-pandemic— healthcare, automobile, pharma, agricultural, manufacturing and so on. Every enterprise has one mindset “priority to the customers”, which means these leaders are always in search of opportunities to seek the needs and wants of the customers and generate solutions for more customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved after adopting AI algorithms to execute strategic plans and reports effectively and efficiently.

Certain examples are Zomato that ensures the fastest delivery within 30 minutes from ordering time with navigation maps, Uber ensures smooth and fast journey to the destination, Alexa and Siri ensure the reminders of important activities, Netflix and Amazon Prime suggest movies to watch afterwards, Tesla ensures self-driving car for safe driving and so on.

Thus, we can say that adopting AI is indeed reshaping the enterprise in 2021. Enterprise analytics assists different departments of the enterprise to achieve success in the competitive market with effective business insights.