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  /  Latest News   /  Quantum Computing: A Bridge to Better Transportation Sector
Quantum computing

Quantum Computing: A Bridge to Better Transportation Sector

Quantum computing is an essential bridge to better transportation sector for optimising daily commute period

The constant enhancement in the field of AI has a golden opportunity to offer much safer and efficient vehicles to optimise the commute period for citizens. How can it be possible when public transport plays an important role on streets? The credit goes to quantum computing for providing citizens with sustainable yet optimising opportunities to reduce the period of commuting on a daily basis. Quantum computers are the AI-based smart computers with a principle of solving complex problems and generate insights with necessary quantum mechanics. This accelerates innovations in diverse range including the transportation sector where the combination of AI and quantum computing can improve road safety, commute efficiency as well as manage traffic.

Proper use of quantum computing will take further more years but now it is time for experimenting with AI to examine the productivity of quantum mechanics in real life. Quantum computing is a process where real-time data are processed through qubitswhich has a capacity of storing data in binary numbers such as zeros and ones. It is the appropriate time to experiment with regular computers running on mechanics of quantum computers because it is highly expensive and risky to invest in it. According to Microsoft, using quantum algorithms will bring top-notch improvements and drive changes which can create a huge impact on people’s lives.

The study of quantum computing to enhance transportation system has already been initiated by an Australian transportation agency and its partner Q-CTRL. They are already in progress with forecasting future where citizens will have smooth experience with less time in commuting across various transportation networks such as bus, train, taxi, ships, ferries and so on. It is one of the tough works for regular computers to simultaneously calculate the arrival and departure areas, traffics, shifting schedules and so on. The partnership is focused on enabling the smart transportation system with the help of existing quantum computing algorithms running efficiently on quantum hardware in regular computers.

The rapid adoption of quantum computing will deliver fast appropriate solutions to optimise the complex transportation network. Currently, AI machine learning algorithm is required to maintain the performance of complex quantum mechanics and to prevent distractions from background errors. The combination of AI and Quantum computing will offer reaping benefits— tracking of autonomous vehicles, hassle-free payments, smooth access to multiple vehicles, real-time updates and so on through a mobile app or official website.

Real-time data is the future for easy commuting on a daily basis by providing updated insights on shaping the transportation sector. This continuous real-time data flow will solve complex challenges with superfast processing system in AI-based experimental realm of quantum computing.