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Paying Tributes in Ethereum: An Eulogy to Her Majesty in the Crypto Way

Paying Tributes in Ethereum: An Eulogy to Her Majesty in the Crypto Way

Queen Elizabeth II will now be forever remembered through the Ethereum NFT auction project

An Ethereum NFT initiative dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II is held its final auction for the collection and has generated hundreds of pieces of commemorative artwork over the last two months.

Following the Queen’s death, at the age of 96, the project announced that the current auction for the 73rd Ethereum NFT in the collection will be the final one offered as part of the original collection. Queena began holding auctions in July for a single Ethereum NFT image created as a memorial to the queen. The QueenE Twitter account hinted at an upcoming “Gen2” collection, but no details have been released as of yet.

The project was reportedly created by Web3 creator Fabio Sevá and the anonymous Mladen. eth intended to continuously release new procedurally produced works for the rest of the Queen’s reign.

The initiative was inspired by Nouns, an innovative NFT project that allows purchasers into an exclusive club by auctioning off a single Ethereum-based profile photo each day, but added a royal touch by offering low-resolution images of Queen Elizabeth II. The QueenE auctions were once held every few hours but were now frequently held once a day.


The public auction

“Rest in Ethereum, forever,” read the project’s Twitter bio. The final QueenE Gen1 NFT currently had a top bid price of 0.5 ETH, or approximately US$825, and the auction ended shortly before 4 AM ET, the next day. Queena #23, which sold for 1.9 ETH on July 27, had previously commanded the collection’s highest ETH sale price, equivalent to US$3,275 at the time. Secondary sales of Queen Elizabeth II NFTs have increased since her death.