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Original Intelligence: Leveraging Innovative Business Solutions to Create a Competitive Edge

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Original Intelligence Sdn. Bhd.

Original Intelligence: Leveraging Innovative Business Solutions to Create a Competitive Edge

Established in 2003, Original Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. (OI) was positioned to provide innovative online business solutions to help its clients to breakthrough and stay ahead in the competitive online world. Growing from strength to strength, OI serves and undertakes projects with large multinational corporations (MNCs), government-linked corporations (GLCs), as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner and Oracle Gold Partner that specializes in the respective technology arena.


Comprehensive Online Business Solutions

Today, OI is a recognized premium provider of comprehensive online business solutions & services for companies in Southeast Asia. The company’s mission is to provide tailored services, unique products, and viable solutions that capitalize on innovative technology, cost-effective methodologies, and extensive industry experience. OI is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and the greatest value to its clients in achieving their goals & objectives. Web Applications & Mobile Applications are the best tools for the company to assist valuable clients to attain greater heights in their business.

People are the greatest asset behind every successful business organization. OI recognizes this factor and embraces the policy of building and having a talented team that can deliver world-class solutions and services to meet the business needs of its clients. It’s strength lies in the experience, creativity, and expertise of a multi-talented team who have vast IT experience and knowledge to tackle the business challenges & issues. The company is focused on making things happen for its clients by offering them its solutions and services.

OI values its people and ensures that they get relevant training from its astounding partners, Microsoft & Oracle.


The Journey in a Brief  

  • 2002- OI was incorporated in Malaysia.
  • 2004- Being selected to be the Southern Bank Mutual Bhd Vendor.
  • 2005- Completed the Integrated Security Management System for Prime Minister Resident at Putrajaya.
  • 2007- Servicing Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Worldwide Branches (16 countries) with its Helpdesk Management System.
  • 2009- Certified as Microsoft Silver Partner.
  • 2010- Begin to serve Eastspring Investment Bhd& AIA Bhd
  • 2013- Implemented Biometric Time Attendance System for Ogawa, Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Plant, Putra Perdana Bhd, and EconpileBhd
  • 2015- Being awarded for Best Services, Best Product & Best Company by HWT
  • 2015- Being awarded for Best Services, Best Product & Best Company by HWT
  • 2018- Certified as Oracle Gold Partner, begin to serve Etiqa Insurance Bhd
  • 2020- Awarded Best Web & Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia, Implemented Human Resource Management System for China Factory, Axon Cable International Ltd.


A Proactive Leader

Ng Ian Ouii is the Founder of Original Intelligence Sdn Bhd. He graduated from the University of Malaya in 2000. As a proactive person, Ng is a committee member of KL Wushu Association Malaysia, Porsche Club Malaysia, and deputy chairman of HijauanPuteri Condo Management. He constantly improves his technical knowledge by maintaining his Microsoft Certified Professional status and also ensures that his team is well equipped with relevant up-to-date skill sets.


Providing Affordable and Efficient Systems

With the massive number of cloud services available in the market, many corporate clients are gradually moving from on-prem hosting to the cloud. eing the web & mobile app developer, OI is constantly assisting the industry’s corporate clients to harness the power of the cloud to achieve higher efficiency with a lower operating cost for their valuable clients. The company has also launched a few Software as A Service (SAAS) to provide affordable and efficient systems to the community. Some of its exclusive services areoiHRMS (Human Resource Management System), oiCRMS (Customer Relationship Management System), i-Ruma (Property Management System), and Janjigo (automotive community system).


Big Data as a Disruptive Force

Ng Ian believes that AI is a key enabler of disruptive innovation that leads to unravelling of game-changing products and services that are able to serve low-end or unserved consumers and migrate to the mainstream market. This technology is a driving force behind the disruptive innovation that people are currently witnessing.

The disruptive innovation coming from big data is big data analytics processes and technologies. In the marketplace, big data is a disruptive force. It means that people require more than new skills, technologies, and tools.


Partnership as the Catalyst of Growth

The business world today is in a state of flux. New companies enter the ecosystem every day, bringing with them new technologies and business models, anything that could build an entire industry from the ground up. Most companies want to use this current trend to drive innovation. But the magic bullet is elusive as ever and the question is how best it is to drive innovation, says Ng Ian. For many, the acquisition seems the only path to take through these disruptive forces of change. But there is a different and more flexible way forward that is ‘partnership.’

Partners help large organizations pivot and adapt in today’s constantly changing business environment. Great outside partners aid to navigate the rapidly changing waters. Those partners could include universities whose research expertise can be leveraged into game-changing R&D, accelerators that can source bleeding-edge innovations from all around the world, and agile startups that can experiment nimbly with new processes and ideas. By collaborating with smart organizations of all sizes, corporations drive productivity gains both for their customers and for their professionals. It’s a win-win for all parties.


Notable Awards and Achievements


  • HWT Best Service Awards
  • HWT Best Product Awards
  • HWT Best Company Awards
  • Best Web & Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia



  • Implemented Integrated Security Management System for Prime Minister Resident
  • Completed the support and Helpdesk Management System for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care in 16 countries
  • Implemented Human Resource Management System for China client


Envision a SaaS Future with the Fusion of AI and Big Data Analytics

OI envisions to focus on providing more SAAS with AI and Big Data analytic capability. Manual processes are going to be substituted by innovative IT solutions. Better efficiency, consistency, and accuracy will evolve the entire business process.